Damodara in Sri Renganathar temple, Kajang


renganatharKAJANG, MALAYSIA (8/11/2008) – Sri Renganathar Temple, Kajang, is one of the few Vaisnavas temples in Klang Valley.

The presiding Deities, Sri Renganatha and Sri Renganayaki are very sweet and merciful. For us this temple fondly reminds us of the original temple in Sri Rengam.

After the recent renovation, the temple pervades with a wonderful, divine ambience. Continue reading

Prayers to HH Jayapataka Swami saved me from the flames


My left eye had been twitching for more than a week. I remember reading somewhere that it either means “Good omen” or “Bad omen” depending on which eye was twitching. I shrugged off the thought that it could mean “Bad Omen” and decided to simply depend on Krishna for whatever that comes my way.

“Your pulse rhythms are different now, it’s not the rhythm for Rhematoid Arthritis anymore.  You are now anemic”, my Ayurvedic doctor told me when I visited him. My body had felt exhausted the last few days and I was simply sleeping most of the times. The Ayurvedic medicine seemed to help a great deal, so I was happy to be able to make it to the Kajang farm for the Govardhan festival. Continue reading

Govardhan-Puja, Go-Puja in Kajang, Malaysia

Govardhana Puja is the festival celebrating Sri Krsna’s pastime of lifting Govardhana Hill to protect the residents of Vrindavan from the wrath of Lord Indra’s storm.

In Krishna Book, Srila Prabhupada relates the story of how the village cowherds and local vaisyas arranged to worship King Indra, hoping for boons of rain and good crops to feed the cows. Krishna’s father, Nanda Maharaja, was arranging a yajna to the demigod, but Krishna encouraged him instead to make many opulent preparations from ghee and grains for offering to the cows, the brahmanas and to Govardhana Hill. The residents of Vrindavan did just that, circumambulating Govardhana Hill worshipfully. Krishna then expanded Himself into the giant form of Govardhan and accepted their offerings. Continue reading