An Emblem of All Vaishnava Qualities



MAYAPUR – It was a great pleasure for me to have had the association of Kalidas prabhu. He was an emblem of all Vaisnava qualities. Gentle and reserved, compassionate and caring, generous and loving.  I was deeply impressed by his service attitude.  Whenever I came to the Klang center he was always by my side looking after me and seeing to my needs.

I have only had his association for the last 12 years so I did not know him in his early days in Krishna Consciousness but I could at once understand that he was a very mature devotee. He will be sadly missed at the Klang center and we are all sorry to see him depart but at the same time his departure has been very glorious.

He has shown all of us how to leave this world. We are all very much thankful to him for his example while here in this world and now his example of leaving.

I heard from Simhesvara prabhu on Saturday night last week that he was seriously ill and expected to depart so on Sunday morning I requested Jananivas prabhu to offer the abhishek to Lord Nrsimha dev on his behalf. Then when I go the news of his departure we had the raj bhog of lord Nrsimhadev offered on his behalf. I was happy to do some small service to him after all the service he has given me over the years.