Damodara in Sri Renganathar temple, Kajang


renganatharKAJANG, MALAYSIA (8/11/2008) – Sri Renganathar Temple, Kajang, is one of the few Vaisnavas temples in Klang Valley.

The presiding Deities, Sri Renganatha and Sri Renganayaki are very sweet and merciful. For us this temple fondly reminds us of the original temple in Sri Rengam.

After the recent renovation, the temple pervades with a wonderful, divine ambience.

The Damodara programme has now made it into the temple’s annual calendar of events since the last four years. Thanks to Bhakta Jayaraman and the Kajang yatra, the event is gaining in pomposity and gaiety every year.

On Saturday, 8th November, close to 300 temple patrons were treated to a Damodara festival extravaganza.

renganatharThe evening setting was perfect. At 8.00 p.m., Sri Sri Radha-Krishna Deities were carried majestically around the temple on palanquin with the accompaniment of kirtan and nadaswaram. Two matajis walked in front carrying ghee lamps. This was followed by at least 50 devotees.

After the procession, the Deities were placed on a beautiful chariot-like altar in the darsan hall. That was followed by a multi-media aided class by our humble self for 40 minutes.

One commendable feature about the patrons of this temple is their rapt attention during discourses. It is rarity nowadays in Hindu temples. Simultaneously, the children were treated with a colouring competition.

renganatharOne new, interesting feature this year was the “kummi” dance by a group of ladies, who danced to a folk song sung by Bh Kamalanathan. Next was the men’s turn. This sort of performance is a regular feature in South Indian temples performed for the pleasure of the Deities.

Finally, it was time for ghee lamp offering. While Damodarastaka was being sung, everyone eagerly and orderly came forward to offer ghee lamps to Sri Sri Radha-Krishna and Sri Sri Yasoda-Damodara.

renganatharAmazingly, more than 300 ghee lamps were offered!

Nothing is complete without the feast. A deletactable array of items – basmati rice, vegetable kurma, meal-maker subjee, mix vegetable, pakora, chips, chutney and halwa -was served out much to the delight of the devotees.

The real success of the this programme is measured in how we can inspire others to serve Krishna in one way or other, specifically to offer ghee lamps to the Lord in this auspicious month.

renganatharIt was a hearty feeling to know that a few of the patrons that evening were regularly offering ghee lamps to Krishna for the last one year after hearing about the glories of Lord Damodara.

One other family from PJS, Old Klang Road, was eager to have the picture of Lord Damodara and start the puja in their homes. A few others came forward to inquire more on this Damodara puja.

By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada, the evening was successful on many counts.

We thank Bhakta Jayaraman and the Kajang Nama hatta and all the devotees who assisted in the feast preparation.

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May Lord Damodara shower His eternal blessings upon them. Hare Krishna


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  1. Jaya Jaya! All glories to you and your wonderful service to share this wonderful Damodar Puja and to make it part of the yearly tradition! Klang Yatra Ki Jai!

    Janaki devi dasi

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