Charity fair draws 3,000


Fishing for a duck: A boy playing a game during the charity fair

SEBERANG JAYA, MALAYSIA – About 3,000 people visited the Food and Fun Fair For Charity 2008 organised by the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) at its Bhaktivedanta Cultural Centre in Seberang Jaya recently. Continue reading

Damodara in the Northern Region of Malaysia


bcc1SEBERANG JAYA, MALAYSIA – The devotees at the Bhaktivedanta Cultural Centre (BCC) got caught up with “Damodara Fever” and worked together to organize Damodara House Program and Harinam. For the first time, Damodara Harinam was introduced to the district of Seberang Perai which comprises Hujung Batu, Bagan Dalam, Kampung Manis, Taman Inderawasih, Kampung Bagan Serai and Mak Mandin. BCC managed to visit 616 houses and 4,679 people had the opportunity to offer ghee lamp to Lord Damodara. Continue reading

“I want a temple like this” – Srila Prabhupada


Penang Temple design

PENANG, Malaysia – known as the “Pearl of the Orient” during British times. In Seberang Jaya, a northern corner of Malaysia, unknown to the world, Srila Prabhupada’s wishes for Malaysia are gradually being unfolded. In 1971 when Prabhupada made his only visit to this country he requested the wife of the then chief Indian minister to help him in building a “Temple like this”, showing her a sketch of a typical Vrndavana Mandir. Continue reading

Sri Sri Nitai Gauranga Rai installed in Penang

The trip to Seberang Jaya (Butterworth), Penang on the 17th and 18th September was worth every moment. My husband drove our children and I there. We reached at about 2pm. A very large canopy with a special stage was set for the installation. The deities were kept in a separate area beside the main canopy area. Many matajis were preparing the flower garlands in the main temple area. The flowers were simply lovely; The matajis were really expert in tying the garlands and making the bouquets. The flower garlands reminded me of the ones that was used in the Chowpatty temple during Gaura Purnima this year. Others were busy drawing the rangoli patterns for the fire sacrifice. Dozens of beautifully decorated pots laid in the side of the main stage area. Prasadam was being prepared for devotees who were slowly trickling in for the festival.

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Full scale installation of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai in Malaysia

A full scale installation of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai is scheduled to take place Seberang Jaya (Butterworth), Penang on Wednesday, 17th September – Thursday, 18th September 2008. Do not miss the rare opportunity in Malaysia.

Dr. B.L. Sharma, a Vastu Architect and Consultant from Jaipur, India who generously offered free services, mentioned that the land purchased was “Godsent”. He said the land has good Vastu and instructed accordingly.

Coinciding with the auspicious “Holy Names Week”, when the whole world is hearing and chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra,  Their Lordships, Sri Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Caitanya Mahaprabhu have chosen to make Their appearance in Malaysia at Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center (BCC) at Seberang Jaya, Penang.

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