The Art of chanting Hare Krishna



Sense objects and desires encourage the mind’s natural tendency to run outward. Proper engagement of the senses helps internalize the mind. Scientists have proven that of all the techniques used to stop the oscillatory nature of the mind, those using sound and sight are the most effective. For example, the hypnotist subdues the subject’s mind by capturing his gaze (with a swinging watch), and speaking ina rhythmic monotonous way.

The following concentration technique, which combines sound and sight, perfectly controls the mind and engages it in serving Krishna. Continue reading

Preaching in Mid-Air


USA — “Is it Sai Baba?” a bold voice questioned me over my shoulder aboard the Cathay Pacific flight from Sydney to Hong Kong. I lifted my head out of the book I was reading and turned my face towards the speaker to find a tall lady dressed in official attire with a pleasing personality, who stood indicating at the ring on my second finger. The lady seemed Chinese. Instantly I replied, “No, it’s of my spiritual master.” I could read the blank look on her face as she repeated, “Who?” Continue reading