Jayapataka Swami Health Update

Source: Guruvakya.com

KOLKATA, INDIA – After being requested by Mahavaraha prabhu, I am writing this mail to update all the disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Maharaj about his recent health events.

Today as of 31st July 2010, Saturday at 12noon IST Jayapataka Maharaj is in Kolkata, admitted in Belle View Hospital and he is recovering well. This time we had to admit him due to the severity of urine infection which was not responding to oral antibiotics and was getting worse during our stay in Mayapur. Continue reading

HH Jayapataka Swami in Klang

KLANG, MALAYSIA – It was a memorable day for all of us at Iskcon Klang when HH Jayapataka Swami came over to the eye-opening and abhishek ceremony of our Pada Yatra deities. It was his first trip to Malaysia after his illness in 2008. He is currently undergoing some treatment for his stroke in Kuala Lumpur.

He seemed very happy to be here with us. Addressing a packed crowd in the hall, he said Klang was very special to have his presence for the opening of the temple a couple of years back as well as for the eye-opening and abhishek of the Pada Yatra deities. Iskcon Klang had moved a couple of times from a floor in a four-storey building and now to a two floor double-storey building. He hoped we will get another floor to cater for the growing devotees here. Continue reading

Report by HH Jayapataka Swami – 25/03/2009


Source: Mayapur.com
MUMBAI, INDIA –Today HH Jayapataka Maharaja was on his way to Juhu ISKCON temple and during his vehicle ride dictated the following report about himself through a phone call. Shiromani mataji was repeating Guru Maharaja’s words as I took the notes.

My right side of the body is not fully paralysed but temporarily paralysed and weak. Initially my right hand no feeling and now there is a little feeling as a result of acupuncture, massage and occupational therapies.

My left side of the face is paralysed. Now little bit is working due to facial theraphy. My right eyebrow and right side of the face is working little but left side is very, very little.

Previously I had a sensation of burning on my right leg. Now it is improving. It is not fully recovered. Still some pain and heat is there.

Right hip is num and therefore I don’t have balance. As I was on the bed for 2 months in Hindhuja Hospital I don’t know how to walk. During physiotheraphy I am learning how to walk. The physiotherapists are holding me and sometimes they ask me to walk on my own. So I was able to do 15 steps on my own. Continue reading

HH Jayapataka Swami in Pune



PUNE,INDIA – Applause. The kind that bursts out from the hearts of the audience after a moment of stunned silence. The kind that seems to last forever. The kind that no one wants to ever end. The kind that follows a moment that everyone wants to etch into their memories for all time to come. The kind that typically follows an awesome performance that touches the hearts of the audience very deeply. Today, I was part of one such applause. Continue reading