20080914 – Radhastami

Srimati Radharani appeared on the eighth day of the waxing moon of Hrsikesha (Bhadra) mase, at noon.

In Goloka Radharani goes to Barshana (Varshan) for Her Appearance day celebrations

On Bhadra Sukla Saptami, Sridama, Radharani’s brother or Her mother Kirtida comes and picks Her from Yavat, Her mother in-law Jatila’s house and takes Her to Barshana where there is three day celebration for Her appearance day. Krsna comes from Nandgram and stays for three days to participate in the festival and of course Radha & Krsna enjoy unlimitedly Their ever-new pastimes in Their secret hideouts, even in very house of Vrishbhanu & Kirtida-devi.

For those of you who have missed the celebration on Radhastami and anyone else, you are welcome to join us in Iskcon Klang, as we attempt to bring the the beautiful Vrindavan atmosphere with animals and greenery and flowers for the pleasure of Their Lordships.  Come and join us as we celebrate the most glorious Radhastami for Sri Sri Sri Radha Krishna on the 14th September 2008.

6.15pm Tulasi Arati
6.30pm Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja
7.00pm Sandhya Arati
7.30pm Kirtan
7.45pm Puspa Abhiseka
8.00pm Swing Festival & ghee lamp showing
8.30pm Lecture
9.00pm Prasadam

For more info, please call HG Kalidas or HG Ram Gopinath at Iskcon Klang, at 012-6342464 / 012-3179206. The centre is located at 20 Lorong Besi 4, Off Jln Teluk Pulai, 41100 Klang.

Click here to know more about Srimati Radharani.

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