Devotee Care


HH Radhanatha Swami: “Although the foundation of a building cannot be seen, it holds up the entire building. Without a strong foundation, in time, even the most glorious palace will crumble. The foundation of our communities is in our spiritual practices, our moral values and in our personal relationships.

It is a tendency to prioritize those endeavors that bring quick tangible results. However, those results are soon to crumble unless we balance our priorities with the foundational personal needs of our devotees.

Effective spiritual leaders are responsible to provide mature vision to assure the welfare of our devotees in the present and for the future. People need to feel loved, cared for and appreciated. Creating this environment is foundational to a Krishna Conscious community. Without such relationships few people will continue to chant the holy names with sincere feeling. Continue reading

Serving Our Gurus: An Interview with Anuttama Dasa

This article is originally from ISKCON News and used here under a Creative Commons Agreement.”

Recently Anuttama Dasa, Director – ISKCON Communications and member of GBC’s Guru Services Committee facilitated a four-day seminar on ‘Being a Guru in ISKCON’ at ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai prior to the GBC Strategic Planning Meetings. This seminar was being presented for the second time. The pilot seminar was launched in Ujjain last February.

The seminar explored various aspects of spiritual leadership in ISKCON including role and identity of guru, guru’s relationship with ISKCON, guru-disciple relationships, cooperation with ISKCON and peer support, amongst many others. Parijata devi dasi from the ISKCON Communications office at Mumbai spoke with Anuttama Das to understand the role and purpose of such a seminar in ISKCON. Here are excerpts from the interview: Continue reading

The Poison is Personal Ambition



The highlight of my visit to Mayapur this year was Anuttama Prabhu’s seminar on leadership and management—an extremely valuable course, which teaches so many important skills and principles of effective leadership and management.

Taking this course confirmed my realization that there is another reason why we have lost so many devotees worldwide over the past years besides the fact that we have failed to create a supportive spiritual culture which would give nourishment and shelter to each and every devotee joining this movement. We have also failed to educate and train our leaders systematically and equip them with the necessary skills in order to become true servant-leaders, who lead with affection and detachment. Rather we have so often allowed that dangerous weed to grow and flourish: the attachment to power, position and facilities…

So often we take “management” to mean “keeping devotees under control,” and a management position can nearly become a license for exercising the tendency of wanting to be in power and position over others—a licence for being a little “supreme controller.” Continue reading

Community of Care


“One who says he is directly My devotee is not My devotee –

However, one who says he is the devotee of My devotee – he is My devotee.”

(Krishna to Arjuna in the Adi-Purana) in America I had a mind-opening conversation with His Holiness Radhanatha Maharaja. I had just finished describing to him my plans for the Vedic Way and asked him for his opinion. Maharaja looked into my eyes and answered: “Very good, but do you know the reason people turn to Krishna consciousness?”

Keeping my many conversations with devotees in mind I said, “Well, the devotees I asked about that said they had been convinced by the philosophy. Radhanatha Maharaja smiled. “They are wrong,” he said. “Philosophy came after. Continue reading