Wonderful Pastime of Lord Nrsimhadev


(Photos from Mayapur.com)

Allow me to tell a true story that happened some 10 years ago in South-Africa. The father and the daughter who experienced this event told this story to my friend, a sannyasi and devotee of Lord Nrsimhadev.
This stories was also found in the newspapers, and several witnesses of this truck-accident after this incident became devotees of Lord Nrsimhadev. This happened to a simple Vaishnav family that lives there. They had a back then 5 years old daughter. This girl was a great `fan’ of Nrsimhadev.” She found Him simply funny, as he looked half lion half man and felt very attracted to Him. She often told her playmates about her favorite God, a lion and the kids always wondered about what of God this could be a lion.

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