HG Kalidascaran Prabhu A True Friend

KLANG – Kalidascharan prabhu and his family have always been serving ISKCON Malaysia so wonderfully.
I met Kalidascharan prabhu, a disciple of HH Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaj, in the very early 80’s (I think 1982) and during that visit to the temple at Jalan Anak Gasing the Temple President at that time announced that the temple was starting a Prabhupada Book Marathon for the month. It was at this time I met Kalidascharan prabhu and I purchased the The Golden Avatar from him. It was probably the first book I purchased from a sankirtan devotee. Since then we have always been good friends. He and his family have always helped me in my service to ISKCON. Whenever we meet he will always come and give a hug and ask me how are you? And always offer good wishes. He is truly a well wishing friend to me. He would always say “Guru’s mercy, Krishna’s mercy”.
I will surely miss his association and his wonderful nature. He served as an active Temple President of ISKCON Klang since the beginning and very expertly engaged all congregation members there and empowered them in taking over all the active services. In the early 80’s in all of Srila Jayapataka’s Maharaja’s and many other sannyasis Kalidascharan prabhu would organise big programmes in Klang. He had a a very active group of devotees since then. His formula was simple. He would take them all out on book distribution and Harinam in the Klang and Port Klang area. I think at one time we also had an arrangement that ISKCON Klang would cook for the KL Ratha Yatra and ISKCON KL would cook for the Klang Ratha Yatra. He was always a shy person and never wanted any glorifications. Though his health was not all that good for the past many years he still continued with his devotional activities.
I am sure that Kalidascharan prabhu is in Lord Krishna’s shelter and pray that he will bless us also in our devotional services.