Govardhan-Puja, Go-Puja in Kajang, Malaysia

Govardhana Puja is the festival celebrating Sri Krsna’s pastime of lifting Govardhana Hill to protect the residents of Vrindavan from the wrath of Lord Indra’s storm.

In Krishna Book, Srila Prabhupada relates the story of how the village cowherds and local vaisyas arranged to worship King Indra, hoping for boons of rain and good crops to feed the cows. Krishna’s father, Nanda Maharaja, was arranging a yajna to the demigod, but Krishna encouraged him instead to make many opulent preparations from ghee and grains for offering to the cows, the brahmanas and to Govardhana Hill. The residents of Vrindavan did just that, circumambulating Govardhana Hill worshipfully. Krishna then expanded Himself into the giant form of Govardhan and accepted their offerings. Continue reading

HH Janananda Gosvami – Health Update


Dear Devotees
Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

I would just like to inform you my health is rapidly improving and in a few days I should be off medication. I was suffering from a Urinary Tract infection causing fever and many other side effects. At the same time an element of exhaustion, digestive problems and flu all at the same time. At present I am in Vrndavana for the Kartika month and plan to take it a little easier in terms of physical exertion this time.

I very much thank the many of you who sent their well wishing letters for my health and anyone who kindly put me in their prayers. It is surely due to your prayers that I have made such a speedy recovery.
Please forgive me if I cannot respond to each individual letter in this regards. In the following letter from Srila Prabhupada the stark reality of disease is revealed: Continue reading

Serving Our Gurus: An Interview with Anuttama Dasa

This article is originally from ISKCON News and used here under a Creative Commons Agreement.”

Recently Anuttama Dasa, Director – ISKCON Communications and member of GBC’s Guru Services Committee facilitated a four-day seminar on ‘Being a Guru in ISKCON’ at ISKCON Juhu, Mumbai prior to the GBC Strategic Planning Meetings. This seminar was being presented for the second time. The pilot seminar was launched in Ujjain last February.

The seminar explored various aspects of spiritual leadership in ISKCON including role and identity of guru, guru’s relationship with ISKCON, guru-disciple relationships, cooperation with ISKCON and peer support, amongst many others. Parijata devi dasi from the ISKCON Communications office at Mumbai spoke with Anuttama Das to understand the role and purpose of such a seminar in ISKCON. Here are excerpts from the interview: Continue reading

GlaxoSmithKline’s elthrombopag a “major scientific advance”

Posted on 19/06/2006 in Pharmaceutical Company Product News

GlaxoSmithKline has revealed the latest results for eltrombopag, a drug which “significantly improves” blood platelet counts.

Elthrombopag was used on patients with idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) – a condition that reduces the platelet counts in the blood with no discernable cause, making bleeding more difficult to halt, causing nose bleeds, spontaneous bruising and blotchiness of the skin.

In new phase II trials presented at the annual meeting of the European Haematology Association in Amsterdam, patients receiving 50mg and 75mg of elthrombopag reached the primary endpoint of having a blood platelet count of more than 50,000 per millilitre in 70 per cent and 81 per cent of patients respectively. In comparison, 11 per cent of patients using the placebo met their targets.

Adrian Newland, lead study investigator and professor of haematology at Queen Mary, University of London, commented: “Results demonstrating the beneficial effect of an oral therapy such as eltrombopag, which may potentially work by stimulating the production of platelets, is very exciting and a major scientific advance.” Continue reading

Local remedy to increase platelet counts


platelets. This slide has been stained with MayGrunwald Giemsa, and observed with a 100x objective in oil immersion.

Human blood smear: platelets. This slide has been stained with MayGrunwald Giemsa, and observed with a 100x objective in oil immersion.


A platelet count is a diagnostic test that determines the number of platelets in the patient’s blood. Platelets, which are also called thrombocytes, are small disk-shaped blood cells produced in the bone marrow and involved in the process of blood clotting. There are normally between 150,000-450,000 platelets in each microliter of blood. Low platelet counts or abnormally shaped platelets are associated with bleeding disorders. High platelet counts sometimes indicate disorders of the bone marrow. Continue reading

HH Jayapataka Swami – Srila Prabhupada’s Victory Flag


Now we have another major crisis with HH Jayapataka Swami in hospital in Mumbai with a severe stroke caused by brain aneurysm. His condition is very critical, and the doctors have admitted that there is not much they can do, and the main thing now is our prayers for Maharaja’s well being.

At this moment I can’t describe my feelings. The apprehension of the loss of this very dear friend is not something I want to contemplate right now. And despite his current crisis, as Ravindra Svarupa prabhu just put to me, Maharaja has more prana than anyone he has ever met. He is a fighter and he has tremendous strength of constitution. Continue reading

Iskcon Centers worldwide embark on prayers for HH Jayapataka Swami


Iskcon Juhu, Mumbai - October 2008

KUALA LUMPUR – Devotees of Klang Valley gathered at Iskcon KL’s Sri Jagannatha Mandir temple last evening to pray for the recovery of HH Jayapataka Swami’s health. Devotees here chanted the Lord Nrsimha prayers which protects the devotees. A 24-hour kirtan is also continously going on in the temple. The temple president, HG Uttama Caitanya das said that, “We will continue the kirtan for 72-hours if need be, for the speedy recover of HH Jayapataka Maharaj. Devotees are also encouraged to chant extra rounds for Maharaj.” Continue reading

GBC Update on HH Jayapataka Swami


Update on the Condition of His Holiness Jayapataka Swami

The ISKCON Governing Body Commission (GBC), which is currently meeting for five days at ISKCON’s Juhu Beach Temple in Mumbai, was shocked this morning at the news that His Holiness Jayapataka Swami, our dear god-brother and GBC colleague, was rushed to the hospital at approximately 4 AM Mumbai time.

Aniruddha dasa, GBC Deputy, has sent three reports about Maharaja’s condition. We would like to update ISKCON devotees worldwide about Maharaja and beg for your prayers on his behalf. We ask devotees around the world to pray to Lord Krishna and Lord Nrsimhadeva for Jayapataka Swami’s protection. Continue reading

HH Jayapataka Swami – News update 25/11/2008 ISTevening

In Iskcon Juhu, Mumbai - Attending GBC meeting Oct 2008

Dr Madhavananda das: 25/11/2008 evening

Maharaja is completely alert today, interacting with the doctors and asking them to take him on the fast track treatment. He has been off the ventilator since 4 days now and is breathing well on his own. His parameters are all stable. The next step will be to remove the feeding tube in the next 1-2 days. And then in the next few days Maharaj will be shifted to the ward. Continue reading

The Glories of Offering Many Lamps During Karttika



Sixteenth Vilasa, Volume One

Text 138

atha tatra dipa-mala-mahatmyam-
skande tatraiva
dipa-panktes” ca racanam
sa-bahyabhyantare hareh
vishnor vimane kurute
sa narah sankha-cakra-dhrik

In the Skanda Purana it is said: “A person who lights many lamps inside and outside Lord Vishnu’s temple becomes a liberated soul. Holding a dish and conch, he attains a spiritual form like Lord Vishnu’s. Continue reading

Shoppers light a lamp in Klang’s Little India to Lord Damodara


KLANG, MALAYSIA (26/11/2008) – Tengku Kelana is Klang’s Little India which is a paradise for Hindu shoppers during the Deepavali festival. Hindu locals flock to this area and there’s practically something for everyone. The essence of Bollywood fills the air here, the eateries are filled with finger food snacks to sit-down banana leaf feasts. And there are rows of shops filled with traditional Indian costumes and assorted bangles, necklaces and earrings to delight the shoppers. Indian pots and cooking essentials, household and prayer items, flowers and vegetables fill the rest of the shops. The shops are filled to its brim. Every nook and corner is taken up to display their wares. It’s is almost impossible to find a place that’s empty in a shop here. Continue reading

Damodara report


KUALA LUMPUR (21/10/2008) – We ushered the Damodara month on the 15th October 2008 and the devotees in Kuala Lumpur are ecstatically accelerating to acquaint to Lord Damodara and spreading the significance benefits of ghee lamp offering to the mass continually. Enduring the evening massive traffics and the uncomfortable wet chilly pouring conditions to reach out to larger audience needs a lot of dedication. This wholehearted fidelity is abundantly manisfesting, especially during this month. It is inconceivable, how Lord Damodara magically inspiring all of us to go out sharing His glories, practically every other day in which His embedded mercies being subtly delivered to the resident of Kuala Lumpur (muddied confluence).

Continue reading

Damodara month launch in Klang


KLANG, MALAYSIA – Damodara month  is a special month in Malaysia. It spurs up every devotee to give every person they meet an opportunity to light a lamp for Lord Damodara and give them an opportunity to perish all their sins and not take birth in this material world again. To signify the start of this wonderful month, devotees in Klang set up a lovely display of a scene in Gokul.  Amidst blowing of conch shells and song of Damodarastaka, a screen was removed to reveal a miniature model of a scene in Gokul. It was a sweet sight just watching this scene. It seemed like Vrindavan had just come alive. At one corner, there was baby Krishna eating his butter with broken pots all around just outside a little miniature house. In the center Lord Damodara is being tied by other Yasodha to a grinding mortar with little fawns looking at them.  The other end of this model had a river running through with deers, monkeys and fawns gracing the area. The little grove above the miniature model with lush shades of green, blossoming flowers and birds added the final touch to this model. Continue reading