ISKCON Port Dickson to the rescue


drivingPORT DICKSON, MALAYSIA – During the first day of the Damodara programme, Rasika prabhu from Iskcon KL received a call from one of the listeners of Minnal FM talk show. This caller was from Jelebu, Kuala Klawang town in  Negri Sembilan. His name is Velayutham. He is a chemical engineer who studied in Japan and owns his own shampoo, soap and metal stain removing chemical factory in this town. He has been running this business for a few years, supplying his products to east coast and FELDA schemes.

One night as he was driving back home after delivering his stock of products, he was listening to the Damodara Festival Program on the Minnal FM talk show. He immediately pulled his car to the side of the road and listened ardently. The talk excited him and without wasting time,  he called the contact number given in the talk show. He was directed to Rasika prabhu. Continue reading