Radhastami in Klang


PICT1280KLANG, MALAYSIA – My daughter, Breenda was so excited as Radhastami was approaching. She kept asking if I could prepare a dance for Radhastami. She looked really disappointed when I told her I was simply too tired after Krishna Janmastami and all that sewing for Radhastami clothes for our lovely deities. I had made an apple green outfit with mush green lace and shimmering turquoise butterfly sequins with little white pearls for Them. I wanted my Nitai Gaurasundar deities to be in real dancing mood so the outfit was fashioned in Rajaput styled skirts. We also made sea green with pearl bead sets for our deities to match their outfits. My children helped in the final touches. Continue reading

Nityananda Trayodasi in Klang


pict0027KLANG, MALAYSIA – An intricately designed white dress with Holy Names sewn in various languages spoken here in Malaysia was embroidered  by our expert seamstress HG Vimala Madhavi mataji for Nityananda Trayodasi.


The ‘Hare Krishna’ mahamantra was written in English, Malayalam, Telugu and Tamil on all the dresses of the deities here. White flowers, jewelleries set with gem stones and pearls added to the finishing touches on Their Lordships. Also see the beautiful blue patterns on Krishna’s arms done by Sahadev prabhu.

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272 steps to Batu Caves

pict0001KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – A trip to the famous Batu Caves was arranged for the year end for the children from Gokul Garden and Gopal’s Fun School from ISKCON KL and ISKCON KLANG on Christmas Day. They had loads of fun and the trip was really memorable.

Batu Caves is a 400 million limestone hill with beautiful stalactities and stalagmites is natures wonder. The massif and its caves shelter a variety of flora and fauna – some are so rare that they are only found here.

A 113 year old main temple dedicated to Lord Subramaniar (also known as Lord Karttikeya or Lord Muruga) is lodged in a cave known as the Temple Cave, 400 feet above ground level.  One has to climb a 272 step stairway to reach the temple. Close to a million people converge here on the eve of Thaipusam. Thaipusam falls on the full-moon day of the Tamil month of  Thai. The day also marks the day on which Lord Siva danced with His consort Uma and the day where Lord Muruga received his divine spear, Vel,  from His mother, Uma. Continue reading

Lord Jagannath reciprocates


KLANG, MALAYSIA – In Malaysia, the festival deities Lord Jagannatha, Lord Balarama and Lady Subhatra travel throughout the country to give their blessings and mercy to the people at large. There are over 20 Ratha Yatras in Malaysia and the grandiosity and pomposity increases every year. We are also very lucky to get many sanyasis who visit our country during this period. Their presence enhances the festival mood and their purity fills our hearts. Continue reading

Vaishnava’s mercy


Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought I will be given the opportunity to perform an arati to a life size murthi of Srila Prabhupada. It was purely by the mercy of these loving devotees here. I felt totally unqualified to do this service so I just imagined my Guru Maharaj actually performing it and I was just his instrument. Continue reading

Snatched by the crow of death


We get many birds flying to our house to make their nests especially in our rooftop. We were lucky when one couple started making their nest on a fern plant near our Tulasi plant. It was very interesting watching them build their nest so patiently. They have so much intelligence Krishna had given them. They knew that a nest must be made for their babies and they knew how to make them. Their parents never even told them how to do that.

In our class, my mum said Krishna has given all living beings intelligence. The birds are one of them. They had so much patience as they brought the small twigs one by one to build the nest. And they worked so well together, both the mother and father bird. But my mum said, the highest intelligence has been given to human beings. We need to know who we are and what our relationship is to the Lord. Most importantly, we need to know how to serve the Lord.

After a few weeks the nest was ready, then one day, we saw one tiny egg with spots on it in the nest. And another egg appeared the next day. Soon we saw the birds taking turns to sit on the eggs to warm them. Again they knew exactly what to do.

Then the eggs hatched one by one and the parent birds took turns to feed them. They took a lot of effort finding food for them. Every time they brought something for their children, the little birds would open their mouth and swallow them. Even the little birds knew how to eat without anyone telling them. Continue reading

Simply ecstatic


I thought it would be nice to share with all of you my ecstatic experience at the Children’s Ratha Yatra festival held by ISKCON Klang yesterday.

It was truly a delightful surprise to see at least 30 children, girls and boys, so enthusiastically engaged in devotional service. Many came as early as 8.30am to help with making garlands for the Ratha, whilst some cleaned up the temple area, helped with small errands, decorating Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasasan….every child was joyfully engaged.

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Klang’s “Gopal’s Fun School” organizes mini Ratha Yatra for children

Rathayatra chariot


KLANG, MALAYSIA – For the first time in Klang, the children of “Gopal’s Fun School”, ISKCON KLANG (Hare Krishnas) will be celebrating a mini Ratha Yatra on the 27th July 2008.

It promises a day of colour and fun in Teluk Pulai where a small chariot will be pulled from their centre to Taman Melawis, accompanied by a colourful children singing, chanting and dancing their way along the route. Continue reading

“Gopal’s Fun School” commences in Klang


My mum is simply amazing. It took her just one week to write the entire syllabus for the new Sunday school, “Gopal’s Fun School”. She has split us into three groups: Newcomers (Kaumaara), Beginners (Pauganda), Intermediate (Kaishora). There is no age group specific for these groups. As long as you have the right knowledge, you are moved into the right group accordingly. Each group has their own syllabus.

Last weekend, my mum and a few other devotees spends many hours cleaning and decorating the children’s classroom. The hours they put in was really worth it. They transformed the whole place beautifully. There are about 35 to 40 children weekly and we have such a good time here. Continue reading