Oh Damodara, you have come? You have come just for me?


RAWANG, MALAYSIA (16/11/2008) – As soon as we entered the house, we called on all the family members to gather in the living room to show the ghee lamp. “Is there anyone else in the house?’
“Yeah my grandma but she’s bed ridden for the past one year, she’s unable to walk” We carried on with the ghee lamp offering. Suddenly heard someone screaming,  “Krishna! Krishna!”

We saw an old lady running toward us, to the place where we placed little Lord Damodara on a table and she fell down right in front of Lord Damodar, crying while saying “Krishna! Krishna! Vanthuttiya, vanthuttiya (Krishna, Krishna,you have come?), enakkaga vanthiya (You have come just for me?) She sobbed. Continue reading