20090802 – Jhulan Yatra

Each year in Braj, in the midst of the rainy season, when fields and jungle have turned shades of lush green and flowers are blossoming all around, Temples of Vrindavan, swings are placed in the shrines of the Temples for the Deities to swing upon. This is called Jhulan Yatra.

Songs describing the swinging lilas of Radha Krishna are sung and devotees imagine they are actually there swinging their Divine Beloved on the jhulan (swing). Here at Iskcon Klang, we carry on the same tradition by decorating a swing with flowers and greenery for the Deities to swing upon. Everyone is invited to take a turn swinging the swing as we sing songs glorifying the Lord and His incredibly sweet and loving pastimes. Come and join us as we celebrate the most glorious Swing Festival of the Divine Couple, Sri Sri Radha Govinda on the 2nd August 2009.

6.15pm Tulasi Arati
6.30pm Srila Prabhupada Guru Puja
7.00pm Sandhya Arati
7.15pm Spiritual discourse
8.00pm Swing Festival
9.00pm Prasadam

For more info, please call HG Kalidas or HG Ram Gopinath at Iskcon Klang, at 012-6342464 / 012-3179206. The centre is located at 20 Lorong Besi 4, Off Jln Teluk Pulai, 41100 Klang.

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