Damodara in Sri Varatharaja Perumal temple, Subang Jaya


SUBANG JAYA, MALAYSIA (8/11/2008) – It was through our Damodara Carolling in year 2006 that I got to know Bhaktin Kalaivani. She had attended our Bhakti Vriksa classes last year. With her help, we managed to get permission from the Temple President in the Sri Varatharaja Perumal temple in Subang Jaya to conduct a Damodara program recently.

My car was full with the tables and a 3 feet photo of Lord Damodara. Bh Kalaivani volunteered to help by taking my children and my mum to the temple. That saved me another trip to the temple.  My children are getting to bit really handling the Damodara programs as we had done dozens of Damodara Carolling in the neighbouring area. We had covered over 20 houses and were excited about the temple program.

Shevaanni led the singing of the Hare Krishna Mahamantra for at least three hours while the rest helped in lighting the lights and distributing the mini-altars. I explained the Glories of Damodara Month to the devotees there as they came trickling by. One hundred and thirty one ghee lamps were shown and many were happy hearing to what we preached. Everyone was captured by Little Damodara’s gorgeous looks. Even the main priest there showed me his handphone and it had a picture of Little Krishna eating butter from the pot.

“O Lord, Your lotus face, which is encircled by locks of soft black hair tinged with red, is kissed again and again by mother Yasoda, and Your lips are reddish like the bimba fruit. May this beautiful vision of Your lotus face be ever manifest in my heart. Thousands and thousands of other benedictions are of no use to me.”

The school program is next on our list. We have already got the green light from the headmaster of SJK(T) Castlefield, Puchong. We should be able to cover three hundred and twenty people there.

May Lord Sri Damodara allow us to bind Him with ropes of love.


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  1. I have only just read about all these wonderful offerings being made to Sri Damodar by you enthusiastic and dedicated devotees there in Malaysia. It is so encouraging for us to see so much excellent preaching work going on and growing steadily!

    All glories to your service
    Janaki devi dasi

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