Shoppers light a lamp in Klang’s Little India to Lord Damodara


KLANG, MALAYSIA (26/11/2008) – Tengku Kelana is Klang’s Little India which is a paradise for Hindu shoppers during the Deepavali festival. Hindu locals flock to this area and there’s practically something for everyone. The essence of Bollywood fills the air here, the eateries are filled with finger food snacks to sit-down banana leaf feasts. And there are rows of shops filled with traditional Indian costumes and assorted bangles, necklaces and earrings to delight the shoppers. Indian pots and cooking essentials, household and prayer items, flowers and vegetables fill the rest of the shops. The shops are filled to its brim. Every nook and corner is taken up to display their wares. It’s is almost impossible to find a place that’s empty in a shop here. Continue reading

Damodara month launch in Klang


KLANG, MALAYSIA – Damodara month  is a special month in Malaysia. It spurs up every devotee to give every person they meet an opportunity to light a lamp for Lord Damodara and give them an opportunity to perish all their sins and not take birth in this material world again. To signify the start of this wonderful month, devotees in Klang set up a lovely display of a scene in Gokul.  Amidst blowing of conch shells and song of Damodarastaka, a screen was removed to reveal a miniature model of a scene in Gokul. It was a sweet sight just watching this scene. It seemed like Vrindavan had just come alive. At one corner, there was baby Krishna eating his butter with broken pots all around just outside a little miniature house. In the center Lord Damodara is being tied by other Yasodha to a grinding mortar with little fawns looking at them.  The other end of this model had a river running through with deers, monkeys and fawns gracing the area. The little grove above the miniature model with lush shades of green, blossoming flowers and birds added the final touch to this model. Continue reading

Guru Parampara deities installed in Klang


KLANG, Malaysia – My son, Vinodh was so excited when he found out that the Guru Parampara deity installation would be done on his tithi birthday. He dressed up our Nitai Gaura Sundar deities the night before so that he could perform the mangala arati on his birthday. He is very attached to these deities. It is nice to see the blooming love he has for these deities. He was born on the disappearance day of Raghunatha dasa Goswami, Raghunatha Bhatta Goswami and Krishnadasa Kaviraj Goswami. So he must have got some special mercy from the gurus. He was thrilled when HG Simheswara prabhu called him the Guru Parampara boy.

There was so much to do in preparation for the Guru Parampara installation. After seeing the lovely garlands that the devotees in Seremban and Butterworth made, I was inspired to also try my hand at making garlands. There seemed to be so much more beauty which the deities emanate when They wear garlands made by the devotees. Continue reading

Guru Parampara Abhishek installation

We cordially invite you and your family for the most auspicious occasion of the abhishek installation of the Guru Parampara in Klang on Sunday 12th October, 2008 corresponding with Dvadasi Gaura Paksa Padmanabha Masa Gaurabda 522 at Iskcon Klang at 6.15pm. This day also coincides with the disappearance day of Raghunatha dasa Goswami, Ragunatha Bhatta Goswami and Krishnadasa Kaviraja Goswami. Continue reading

Tasting a drop of true joy


Whilst relishing the resplendent beauty of Sri Sri Radha Madan-Mohan on Their Jhulan made of green creepers and myriad coloured flowers in Ujjain on 2006 and 2007, my mind would travel to the home of Shanti Rupa mataji  in SS3. I would imagine how sweet and beautiful Sri Sri Radha Gokulananda would look and wonder about the colour of Their Lordships clothes and what kind of jewellery They would be wearing.  On Friday the 15th, my heart was replete with satisfaction. They were more gorgeous and sweeter than what my mind was capable of conjuring. Their Lordships exquisite beauty is indeed spell binding and I could not get enough of Their transcendental beauty. Continue reading

Just an instrument of the Lord


I wanted to attend Balaram Purnima festival at Iskcon KL, but  my daughter, Breenda was coughing perpetually and I didn’t want to leave her behind. So we decided to just stay at home. Just then Chitrangada mataji called and asked if she could get a lift to the temple and I broke the sad news. She was also not feeling well enough to drive. Then she said, “Tell you what, I will bring the boys at 7.15pm, just be ready,ok. We will have a kirtan blast for them” Continue reading

Vaishnava’s mercy


Never in my wildest dream have I ever thought I will be given the opportunity to perform an arati to a life size murthi of Srila Prabhupada. It was purely by the mercy of these loving devotees here. I felt totally unqualified to do this service so I just imagined my Guru Maharaj actually performing it and I was just his instrument. Continue reading

Snatched by the crow of death


We get many birds flying to our house to make their nests especially in our rooftop. We were lucky when one couple started making their nest on a fern plant near our Tulasi plant. It was very interesting watching them build their nest so patiently. They have so much intelligence Krishna had given them. They knew that a nest must be made for their babies and they knew how to make them. Their parents never even told them how to do that.

In our class, my mum said Krishna has given all living beings intelligence. The birds are one of them. They had so much patience as they brought the small twigs one by one to build the nest. And they worked so well together, both the mother and father bird. But my mum said, the highest intelligence has been given to human beings. We need to know who we are and what our relationship is to the Lord. Most importantly, we need to know how to serve the Lord.

After a few weeks the nest was ready, then one day, we saw one tiny egg with spots on it in the nest. And another egg appeared the next day. Soon we saw the birds taking turns to sit on the eggs to warm them. Again they knew exactly what to do.

Then the eggs hatched one by one and the parent birds took turns to feed them. They took a lot of effort finding food for them. Every time they brought something for their children, the little birds would open their mouth and swallow them. Even the little birds knew how to eat without anyone telling them. Continue reading

Simply ecstatic


I thought it would be nice to share with all of you my ecstatic experience at the Children’s Ratha Yatra festival held by ISKCON Klang yesterday.

It was truly a delightful surprise to see at least 30 children, girls and boys, so enthusiastically engaged in devotional service. Many came as early as 8.30am to help with making garlands for the Ratha, whilst some cleaned up the temple area, helped with small errands, decorating Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasasan….every child was joyfully engaged.

Continue reading

Klang’s “Gopal’s Fun School” organizes mini Ratha Yatra for children

Rathayatra chariot


KLANG, MALAYSIA – For the first time in Klang, the children of “Gopal’s Fun School”, ISKCON KLANG (Hare Krishnas) will be celebrating a mini Ratha Yatra on the 27th July 2008.

It promises a day of colour and fun in Teluk Pulai where a small chariot will be pulled from their centre to Taman Melawis, accompanied by a colourful children singing, chanting and dancing their way along the route. Continue reading

Deities in peacock dress


It was a mesmering sight watching the lovely deities Sri Sri Radha Govinda, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai and Sri Sri Ram, Sita, Lakshman and Hanuman in Iskcon Klang. The devotees took a painstaking 3 months to get the outfits ready. But it was really worth every moment they spent on it. For close up, click on the pictures.

A visit to Iskcon Klang


During the mid-term holidays, my family and I visited Iskcon Klang. We were greeted warmly with hugs from the temple president, HG Kalidas prabhuji and his wife, HG Vraja Bhumi mataji. Their temple is simple but very beautiful. It is new and tastefully renovated. As you enter the temple, on the left, there is a life size murti of Srila Prabhupada which was made in Ujjain, India. In the altar you will find the most gorgeous deities. On the left of the magnificent altar is Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. They are 2 sets of them (big and small). On the right is Sri Sri Ramachandra, Sitadevi, Lakshman and Hanuman. They are small and adorable. In the middle of the altar are the main deities, Sri Sri Radha Govinda. Srimati Radharani’s hand is touching Lord Krishna’s shoulder giving a most romantic and loving look. For close up, click on the pictures.

The temple is two storey high. There is a big temple hall, two kitchen areas, a rest room for Maharaj as well a toilet downstairs. Upstairs, there are four rooms, the big room is used for the children’s class, another for the gift shop, an admin room, a store room and one room specially made for visiting Maharajs. There is an attached bathroom with expensive toilet utilities. The Maharaj’s room is fully furnished with a Queen sized bed, a writing desk, a cloths rack, dressing area and is air-conditioned. The children’s classes are handled by HG Vimala Madhavi mataji, Sukkania mataji and Sita mataji. Continue reading