Candrika Hails New Year in ISKCON Malaysia


As we start into the new year, we see a new calf, Candrika born at our new farm, Gokulam in Janda Baik, making it all so auspicious. I guess more good things are stored for us this year in Malaysia.

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Launch of New Website –


With 35 centers in Malaysia, we decided to have a new website now and  consolidate all ISKCON activities in Malaysia there. Check us out at

Upcoming Events:
1. App: Sita Thakurani, Consort Of Advaita Acarya
2. Ratha Yatra: Sitiawan September 3
3. Radhastami September 5
4. Ekadasi Nirjala Fast September 8
5. Sri Vamana Dvadasi, App. Srila Jiva Gosvami September 9
6. World Holy Name Festival September 10, 2011 to September 20, 2011 Continue reading

One year since Aindra prabhu departed

Saturday the 16th of July marks one year since His Grace Aindra Prabhu departed the world in Sri Vrndavana dhama. One of the greatest inspirations and influences on the ISKCON kirtan world. Saturday the 16th of July marks one year since His Grace Aindra Prabhu departed the world in Sri Vrndavana dhama. One of the greatest inspirations and influences on the ISKCON kirtan world.

The pictures show him in kirtan and other situations, and his worshipable Deities of Gaura Nitai and numerous Silas. Shots of Radha Shyamasundara in Vrndavana were taken on days when They were dressed by Aindra Prabhu himself.

Note: See the photos and video that have been uploaded at our photos section of this website

ISKCON set for a World-stopper


Source: Times Of India

14 Lakh (1.4 million) Devotees Expected To Converge In 48 Hours For A Glimpse Of The World’s Largest Janmashtami Celebrations

Fourteen lakh cups made of dry leaves, or dronas as they are called, are stacked in the store room of the ISKCON temple in Juhu, waiting to receive the delectable ‘halwa prasad’ that is bubbling in huge cauldrons in the kitchen. One of the largest gatherings in the world on Janmashtami will unfold at this signature Krishna temple where up to 14 lakh devotees converge to pray over two days.

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Sweetest Description of Janmastami-lila


Sweetest Description of Janmastami-lila from Ananda Vrindavan Champu by Srila Kavi Karnapura
Translated by Bhanu Swami & Subhaga Swami, Published by Mahanidhi Swami

Now we will discuss the truth about the transcendental birthplace of Bhagavan and the appearance of Lord Sri Krishna. Once upon a time, Bhumi, the predominating deity of the earth, felt overburdened by different demons posing as members of the royal order. Feeling aggrieved upon seeing her miserable condition, the lotus-born Brahma appealed to Ksirodakasayi Visnu, the maintainer of the universe, saying, “Please deliver Goddess Bhumi who is feeling greatly distressed by these demoniac kings. Only You can remove this terrible influence from the earth.”

The time for an appearance of the Lord coincided with two internal desires of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. First the Lord desired to descend on earth to increase the fortune of Yasoda and Nanda. Also at that time Krishna wanted to relish the sweet mellow of smgara rasa (paramour love) while enacting His worldly pastimes. For these two reasons the Lord appeared within the material creation on Bhuloka, (earth planet), along with His parents, friends, and other eternal associates.

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Why Is God Doing This To Me?


We waited. And waited. It was a sweltering summer day in the Florida panhandle. The morning sun glared through the expansive windows of an airport departure gate. There, a young blond haired lady, neatly uniformed with a blue vest over a pressed white shirt and matching blue pants, stepped up to the counter, timidly surveyed the room, then announced a one hour delay. Passengers sighed, edgy to escape from the heat and travel north. With cellular phones pressed to their ears, they persistently glanced at their wristwatches. Among them stood a middle-aged woman. She had nicely coiffed reddish-brown hair. Her dress and demeanor hinted that she was a lady of wealth and taste.

Suddenly, she flushed red, flung her boarding pass and screamed, “No! You can’t do this to me.” Her outrage jolted the assembly. Everyone stared as she stomped to the counter, stuck her finger in the face of the receptionist and shouted, “I warn you, do not anger me. Put me on that plane, at once!” The airline hostess cowered. “But ma’am, there’s nothing I can do. The air conditioning system of the plane has broken down.”

The woman’s lips quivered. Her eyes burned and she screeched louder, “Don’t you fight with me, you stupid child. You don’t know who I am. Damn it, do something. Now! I can’t take it.” She ranted on and on. After finishing her verbal lashing, she fumed and scanned the lounge. Her eyes landed on me sitting alone in a corner of the room in my saffron colored swami robes. She stormed toward me while everyone looked on. Now, standing almost on top of me, her face distorted with anger, she yelled, “Are you a monk?”Oh God, I thought, why me. I really didn’t need this. After an arduous week of lectures and meetings, I just wanted to be left alone. “Answer me,” she persisted. “Are you a monk?” “Something like that,” I whispered. Continue reading