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KOLKATA, INDIA – After being requested by Mahavaraha prabhu, I am writing this mail to update all the disciples and well wishers of HH Jayapataka Maharaj about his recent health events.

Today as of 31st July 2010, Saturday at 12noon IST Jayapataka Maharaj is in Kolkata, admitted in Belle View Hospital and he is recovering well. This time we had to admit him due to the severity of urine infection which was not responding to oral antibiotics and was getting worse during our stay in Mayapur.

Jayapataka Maharaj had developed this infection on 15th July while in Kolkota and we had started him on oral antibiotic named Augmentin. He had responded quickly to this treatment. But urine test results that came later showed that the infectious bacteria is resistant to many antibiotics including the one that Maharaj was under treatment. Hence another urine test was done on 4th day of antibiotic to see whether the infection had cleared or not: but by the time the test result came showing that infection was still present in urine the course of first antibiotic was finished. Hence reaching Mayapur, on last Saturday, 24th July, we again repeated urine test to see whether urine has cleared of infection at the end of the full course of antibiotic or not.

By Wednesday morning , 28th July, when the test results had not yet arrived, Jayapataka Maharaj was already complaining some burning in urine and was tired, with high pulse. So we had all suspicion that the urine infection could be easily back, and this time with more vigor. So we traced out the urine report from Krishnanagar and indeed it showed that urine was still infected. Immediately we started with one higher antibiotic, not waiting for the condition to become worse. But by the afternoon , Jayapataka Maharaj actually started with high fever and rigors. It subsided, but came back next day morning and persisted to get worse by Thursday morning. When it was evident that the infection is not responding to this high oral antibiotic ( despite three doses of it fever was still there and rising), we decided to shift Maharaj to intravenous antibiotics.
Hence on Thursday afternoon 29th IST we shifted Jayapataka Maharaj to Kolkata to hospitalize him and aggressively treat this serious infection. By Thursday night maharaj was in hospital and was put on intravenous antibiotics. With that by today he is getting better slowly. As of today he is without fever for last 24 hours, urine has no burning. But Maharaj is weak and easily tired.

Jayapataka Maharaj underwent regular tests here like blood, urine and sonography. Current plan is to administer minimum of 5 days of intravenous antibiotics and then convert to oral ones for some time. May be by sixth or seventh day of admission Jayapataka Maharaj should be discharged from here. Because of the nature of severe and resistant infection with antibiotics, he will be definitely very weak and immunity will be low. Hence he should have a good time frame for recuperation. This episode would prompt few issues of prevention to be implemented with regards to prostate , bladder emptying, nature of handicap leg mobility and others.

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  1. That’s very sad news. Especially, because he was doing so well here in L.A., surrounded by loving devotees, seeing the best doctors and getting regular therapy and the California sun. I saw him improving week by week just getting stronger and stronger and speech getting better and better. Very sad news. If he improves and gets strong enough to travel then he should come back to L.A. ASAP. JPS Maharaja ki jaya! Nrsimha Bhagavan ki jaya! Srila Prabhupada ki jaya!

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