Aindra Prabhu’s Immense Love for Deity Worship


Many know him as King of Kirtans but very few know he had immense love for deity worship. The reason why he could put deep impressions in everyone’s heart was because of his eternal loving service to his silas and Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunder…

Undoubtedly all the gopis, cowherd boys, cows and everyone else who served Krishna in Vrindavana with love and affection were liberated from the miserable condition of material existence.

— Krishna Book

If one attains perfection in Deity worship, that is called Arcana Siddhi. Arcana Siddhi means simply by Deity worship one goes back to Godhead, immediately after this life.

— Srila Prabhupada, Letter, 18 March, 1969

If you really loved his kirtans please imbibe his instructions which he gave to all of us – it is at the end of the Video !

Simply do more and more Harinaam Sankirtana.
Let us not wait till the fag end of life,
to wisely recognize this principle.
The urgency is enormous.
Jiv jago. Jiv jago.

The time is now.
Now is the time for revolution,
a revolution of consciousness,
a revolution of priorities.
It’s time for a  reality check.


Aindra Das