They are dancing like peacocks


KUALA LUMPUR – Last night about 400 devotees were at the temple to greet Lord Jagannatha, Who returned from the 6 hour Ratha yatra at 10pm. The kirtan was so jubilant, devotees dancing together in several clusters across the temple floor. They were spinning, dancing in circles, moving in and out of the center raising their hands, and going nuts. One turning circle of devotees (joined by holding hands) surrounded another circle going the opposite direction. Both went faster and faster until the spin force broke them apart.

No one in particular seemed to decide what would happen next but it just went on, like waves, one after another. One devotee did something like a Russian dance down on the floor, shooting his legs out. Another moved his arms and legs so wildly that all the others laughed. They were really enthralled as the Temple President, Visnu Caitanya prabhu, an incomparable singer, carried us away, surrounded by drummers. I marveled at the mercy of Prabhupada that the devotees were experiencing intense kirtan rasa, laughing, jubilant, overcome. Prabhupada said “They are dancing like peacocks.” After Melbourne Rathayatra in 1974 he said “Why are they dancing?… Because they are directly in touch with God.”

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