Nothing happens accidentally

Paramahamsa: They say originally there was just a cell, and by adaptation in some circumstances, one kind would live and another would die. So all these varieties adapted to different conditions.

Prabhupada: Who adapted this? Who managed?

Paramahamsa: Well they just… accidentally.

Prabhupada: Ah, that is nonsense. Nothing happens accidentally. That is nonsense. There must be some arrangement.

  • What is happening accidentally?
  • Why you are taking care of these trees? So many things. Nothing is done accidentally. You do not see the cause. If accidentally one can become rich, why you are struggling so hard to become rich?
  • Why their motorcars are flying whole day and night, here and there?
  • Why you are trying? Let accidentally, money come, and sit down.
  • Why do they not do that? “If accident is there, let accident come and I will become rich man.”
  • Why they try?
  • Why they go to the college? Let accidentally you become M.A., Ph D.
  • This is all rascaldom, simply poor thought. Poor thought. If things happen accidentally, why you are trying?

    [Srila Prabhupada Morning Walk, May 20, 1975, Melbourne]