Report by HH Jayapataka Swami – 25/03/2009


MUMBAI, INDIA –Today HH Jayapataka Maharaja was on his way to Juhu ISKCON temple and during his vehicle ride dictated the following report about himself through a phone call. Shiromani mataji was repeating Guru Maharaja’s words as I took the notes.

My right side of the body is not fully paralysed but temporarily paralysed and weak. Initially my right hand no feeling and now there is a little feeling as a result of acupuncture, massage and occupational therapies.

My left side of the face is paralysed. Now little bit is working due to facial theraphy. My right eyebrow and right side of the face is working little but left side is very, very little.

Previously I had a sensation of burning on my right leg. Now it is improving. It is not fully recovered. Still some pain and heat is there.

Right hip is num and therefore I don’t have balance. As I was on the bed for 2 months in Hindhuja Hospital I don’t know how to walk. During physiotheraphy I am learning how to walk. The physiotherapists are holding me and sometimes they ask me to walk on my own. So I was able to do 15 steps on my own.

I was taken to a swimming pool and I was practicing to walk inside the water which was 3ft deep. I was also floating and I tried to make back strokes.

Since 9th March I am having massage everyday for 1.5 hours. Also most of the days I have steam bath.

Ever since I came back to Mumbai on 2nd March I am having occupational theraphy. During the theraphy we found out that I am not able to write. The therapists are making me to write letters and figures. It is going to be a slow process. As I don’t have feelings in my right hand it is hard for me to hold pen.

Devotees are doing texture theraphy. They are using jute, wool and plastic scrubber. First they use it on my left hand and then on my right hand to get the sensation back.

For 3 days when I woke up in the morning I was having some feelings on my right hand but when the occupational therapists came I didn’t have that much feeling.

The biggest progress now is that I am able to stand up and do some walking.

Also speech is becoming better.

I am taking allopathy medicines only for BP.

We are deciding on where to take the treatment after Vyasa puja. So far we have received invitations from South India for ayurvedic treatment and also from Malaysia, Singapore, Bhaktivedanta Hospital and Manipal.

Last night we had an appreciation ceremony for the Bhaktivedanta Hospital doctors. Now we are having a program in Juhu ISKCON. 100+ safari devotees have come to Mumbai and will be further going to Tirupati for 4 days before coming back to Mayapur for Vyasa Puja Ceremony.”