Sri Mayapur International School – Children’s Harinama


schoolkirtan1MAYAPUR, INDIA – As part of the regular Saturday practical Krishna Conscious activities, children from the Sri Mayapur International School went on harinama around Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi on Saturday afternoon. Nanda-Nandana mesmerized everyone with his expert kirtana leading, boys played their mrdangas enthusiastically, and the girls displayed some of their best dancing skills. Tamala and Laksmana also bravely took the microphone to lead kirtana – it takes quite a bit of courage for the small children to lead kirtana in public. Shastra Prabhu from the Harinama Department came to assist as well.

Other regular Saturday activities include goshalla seva, polishing silver paraphernalia for the Deities, and visiting places of pilgrimage. These activities have been arranged by the parents (PTA), in an attempt to create more opportunity for the children to be actively involved in Krishna Conscious activities, and to try and foster a life-long love and attachment for Krishna’s seva.