HH Jayapataka Swami watches a sketch

Source: JPsoffice.com

Mumbai, INDIA – Due to Ivesvara and Teja Gaurangi’s inspiration, on the day of Lord Nityananda we prepared a little sketch for GM of the pastime when Lord Gauranga met Lord Nityananda for the first time.

Teja and I, started practicing one hour before, it was very exciting, we were both very nervous and we needed to find who could play the role of Haridas and Srivas, until we found them!!!! Right before we came into the room, Teja and I, we both explained to our husbands what each one needed to do, jejejeje…. and we came in to surprise GM!!! When we finished the drama we offered petals to GM!! It was His first Gurupuja after a long time!!!! GM put His hand on our heads giving us all blessings !!!!!!