Oh Damodara, you have come? You have come just for me?


RAWANG, MALAYSIA (16/11/2008) – As soon as we entered the house, we called on all the family members to gather in the living room to show the ghee lamp. “Is there anyone else in the house?’
“Yeah my grandma but she’s bed ridden for the past one year, she’s unable to walk” We carried on with the ghee lamp offering. Suddenly heard someone screaming,  “Krishna! Krishna!”

We saw an old lady running toward us, to the place where we placed little Lord Damodara on a table and she fell down right in front of Lord Damodar, crying while saying “Krishna! Krishna! Vanthuttiya, vanthuttiya (Krishna, Krishna,you have come?), enakkaga vanthiya (You have come just for me?) She sobbed.

Stunned with what was happening (we thought she’s not supposed to be able to walk) we stood still. I saw her choking up in her tears, having difficulties to breath, wasn’t able to stand much longer. I quickly grabbed another ghee lamp, lit it and gave her to do the offering. Not a second after she’s done with her 7th round, she collapsed and breathed her last. Tears streamed down my cheeks.

“Is it the next exit?”
Sri Murari prabu’s question jolted me from my day-dream.
‘Yes prabhu, go further’

I reminisced on what I had day-dreamed while following Sri Murari prabhu, his good wife, Kirtanamrta mataji and son Gansham, in their car to Rawang for the ‘Damodara House Caroling’ that morning. I gazed on the Lord Damodara and Mother Yasoda seated in the basket on my lap I did for them, and trying to provide shade for them so that hot rays of Vivasvan did not fall on them.

“Dear Lord Damodara, forgive me for the over imagination. For more than a month You have roamed all around Rawang last year (with your servants, Sevaparayana, Prakash and Kesavan prabu and I). Now you will be present again at the very same place. If you have any lilas in plan to perform today, kindly transform someone or at least attract one person that will be lured by the beauty of your golden complexion that the objective they have lived is achieved.”

Upon reaching Rawang, we were told to visit the nearby place, Kuala Garing to go for ‘Damodara House Caroling’. We came to the last house in the row, when we had to softly persuade a young girl in the house to let us in so that we can do a small bhajan and allow her to do the ghee lamp offering.  After consulting with her grandma, she allowed us in. On our way to the pooja room, we glanced at her grandparents sleeping in a corner.

In the pooja room, we did the usual, brief explanation on Deepavali, Damodara lila and Mahamantra glories. Both her sisters joined in as well. As we entering the living room, we saw her grandma trying to move out from the living room. Seeing us coming, she was slightly taken aback and began going backward then behind a wall, trying to hide from us. We asked the girl what was wrong with her grandma. Apparently. her grandma had fallen in the bathroom and broke her right leg in 5 places and it was beyond surgery as she’s over 80 years old. The healing chances are 50-50.

Without wasting time I lighted up a ghee lamp for her to offer. She took the lamp and started offering along with her old and weak husband. Something moved me when she began crying “Damodara, Damodara (we never mentioned the name Damodara to her) Vanthittiya vanthittiya. Ennai paaka vanthiya. Enakkaaga vanthiya”. (Oh Damodara, you have come? You have come to see me? Have you come just for me?) I felt warm flood in my eyes as I bent down for her to see Damodara ji. As she cried saying those words, it rekindled my earlier intuition.

After giving them offered flowers, hoping they will really treasure the prasadam, we left the place. It was only after I walked out of their compound did I realize something. With trembling fingers gently stroking the little Lord Damodara in our basket, my heart whispered, “Damodara, you actually heard me? I do not doubt Your greatness which is undisputed but you heard even me…this hopeless soul?” Warm tears rolled down my cheeks.

All glories to Lord Damodara. All glories to His lilas.


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