Joy as Sri Damodara visits Balakong


BALAKONG, MALAYSIA (15/10/2008) – Ushering the festival of lights this year, the Balakong Damodara House Caroling team brought joy to the residents of Taman Sri Timah Balakong with melodious kirtans glorifying the sweet Lord.

Carrying ghee lamps, mrndnga, kartals, mini-altar, Vrindavan Bhajan CDs and prasadam, the team including Harshitha (2 years) and Mardhini (3years), walked through the streets of Taman Sri Timah to give an opportunity to the residents to offer ghee lamps to Lord Damodara in this auspicious month.

The residents of Taman Sri Timah welcomed Lord Damodara into their homes with bright smile and enthusiasm. After short bhajans, pastimes of Lord Damodara were narrated. We also took the opportunity to ask the residents some simple questions of Lord Damodara as this program is conducted in this area every year. We were happy that even a little girl was able to answer the reason Lord Krsna was tied by Mother Yasoda to the grinding mortar. She said that it is because Lord Krsna was naughty and often steal butter in his neighbour’s house. We asked her if she wants Krsna to steal butter from her home and she said yes. We told her to offer ghee lamp everyday to Lord Damodara for the rest of the month and surely one day Lord Krsna will steal butter from her home.
After that, we invited the residents to offer ghee lamps. We ended by presenting them with mini-altar and Vrindavan Bhajans CD. All the residents were happy with the gift and welcomed us again next year. We managed to conduct Damodara House Caroling in 60 homes today.

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