Malaysian student genius educates teacher


malaysia_primary_school_girlsKUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – It’s a known fact that the school text books carry a biased view on our culture, certainly negative and cynical. The facts of the religion are distorted and to add salt to the injury its thought by those completely alien to our culture and dharma usually ending with ridicule and mockery. And guess who is at the receiving end, a group of pathetic branded Hindu students completely defenceless and at the mercy of the predators.

Systematic deprogramming exercise at its best. The Hindu students are left in such contempt and they are left to feel ashamed and small belonging to this culture and religion. Personally I went thru this ordeal. Seems nothing has changed even after achieving developed and civilised nation status.

You may be wondering why bring this up as we are Hindus and a bunch of self proclaimed tolerant beings.

Yesterday we were invited to be with Mr Rajaram and family as this was their maiden Damodara Harinam Voyage. We were more than willing to assist them.

Mr Rajaram and wife were more than elated over their youngest daughter Bhaktin Revathi’s exam results, straight A’s and I remarked it was not surprising as his elder two also did remarkably well with all straight A’s.

The second daughter of Mr and Mrs Rajaram, Bhaktin Divya was in the car with my wife and she related this episode, that blew me…

During a History class, the teacher was discussing Hinduism and she concluded that all things Hindu was just a myth with a tone of cynicism.

It was here that Bhaktin Divya confidently stood up and asked her teacher if she could beg to differ.

The surprised teacher allowed her and she spoke refuting this myth that has clouded the profound teachings of the timeless Vedic Sciences and then proceeded to give documented evidences on the historical facts that has been conveniently removed and thus portraying the ancient understanding to
be no more than a myth.

The History teacher was dumbfounded at this revelation and her wisdom took the better side of her. She allowed Bhaktin Divya to continue and further enquired on other relevant facts and it was all answered. Their discussion also touched on Bhagavad Gita and the class heard the recitation of some slokas.

This revelation humbled the class teacher and she remarked, “Never in my twenty years of teaching,  has a student so confidently stood up and spoke on this subject convincingly”.

She apologised for the errors. We can only thank Srila Prabhupada. Now we can witness how HDG fought to establish the facts and the message of the timeless Vedic wisdom.

I was truly touched by Bhaktin Divya’s conviction and faith. Something that we can truly be proud of and not forgetting Bhaktin Divya is a member of the Pandava Sena, the youth wing of Iskcon KL.