HH Jayapataka Swami – News update 25/11/2008 ISTevening

In Iskcon Juhu, Mumbai - Attending GBC meeting Oct 2008

Dr Madhavananda das: 25/11/2008 evening

Maharaja is completely alert today, interacting with the doctors and asking them to take him on the fast track treatment. He has been off the ventilator since 4 days now and is breathing well on his own. His parameters are all stable. The next step will be to remove the feeding tube in the next 1-2 days. And then in the next few days Maharaj will be shifted to the ward.

With the present situation and all parameters being stable, Maharaj seems to be out of the life threatening situation and is all because of the ardent
prayers of the Vaisnavas all over the world.


JPS Caregivers: 21/11/2008 2:40 evening
As we arrived at the hospital, we asked Shiromani mataji about GM’s condition. She said that GM is without the ventilator since morning time.

We went inside the ICCU to see GM. He was very tired, but he was better than other times when ventilator was switched off. We asked the nurses to remove his socks and machine for massaging his legs. His feet were totaly dry and therefore we applied the cream to his feet.

GM wanted to tell us something but we told him to keep his energy saved for breathing.

GM was hungry. I asked the nurses if we could feed him. They asked me if I received the permission to give our temple food and I said yes. HG Nitai Prasad, the General Manager of Sridham Mayapur was with us. We explained to him how to feed Guru Maharaja and he fed Guru Maharaja nicely. GM took 14
spoons of soup and 3 pieces of dhosas.

Around 4 pm, HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami, HG Braja Hari prabhu came to the hospital. HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami brought many wonderful things from Jagannath Puri. He had Maha oil which the priest use to massage on the transcendental body of Lord Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra Devi when they get sick after Snana yatra pastime. He also brought Caranamrta, camphor, sandalwood paste, a piece of kusa grass that is used to bless the Lord and wish Him good luck, even he got a piece of Lord’s Body (from Nava-kalevaram – the festive procedure of changing Lord Jagannatha’s body), and of course Jagannath Maha Prasad which has been taken from the Lord’s plate directly.
For many, many years, Maharaja had not gone inside the temple!

They went inside the ICCU to see Guru Maharaja.

After 5 min, HH Radhanatha Maharaja came and the nurses placed a special device for enabling GM to talk. This transcendental conversation is available on the web and the link has been sent on a separate text. I just want to mention it was a very sweet pastime to see. The devotees were very
affectionate, gave a massage to GM, chanted for him and encouraged him. In front of GM one old person was almost dieing. During the sweet kirtan of HH Radhanath Maharaja the old person passed away. The kirtan was meant for GM, but everyone got the benefit. What a great fortune!!!

After everyone left, GM was wiped out. They made him to sit on a sofa to increase his blood circulation, and then they put him to sleep.

Many of you might have already heard GM’s conversation. His voice is not so audible. I mean to say he was exhausted just from breathing. I know many of you are already praying, but we need to increase the prayers to get GM out of the ventilator. One devotee told me, he prayed during the Damodara month as follows: ¨ My dear Mother Yasoda, Krishna might not listen to my prayer,
but you are his mother. He will listen to you. So kindly tell him to help my GM to come out of the ventilator.”

Please keep praying. GM wants to go to Mayapur.

Ratnavalli dd: Guru Mukha Padma Vakya – recorded words 21-Nov-08

Dear Devotees,

Hare Krsna. Please accept my most humble obeisances. All glories to Srila
Prabhupada. All glories to Srila Gurudeva.

Yesterday Guru Maharaja for the first time spoke few words with great difficulty. The speech was recorded by Ekanath Gaura prabhu with his team members. HH Radhanatha Swami Maharaja, HH Bhakti Purushottam Swami Maharaja, HG Braja Hari prabhu and Ananda Tirtha Prabhu went to see Guru Maharaja. The doctors placed the speaking valve to enable him to speak.

guru-mukha-padma-vakya, cittete koriya aikya,
ar na koriho mane asa

“My only wish is to have my consciousness purified by the words emanating from his lotus mouth.”

The recorded speech is in the following url:

Recorded Speech
Hearing the above one can understand how Krsna Conscious Guru Maharaja is. He is setting the best example for all us to follow.

Note: Certain parts of the speech is not audible.

JPS: 24hrs …I can say a few words on this contraption. I can speak a few words on this contraption…
RNS: You are making great progress!
JPS: All by your mercy.
RNS: All the doctors are amazed by the miracle how you are making progress. I think after a few days they can take all these machines off of you.
JPS: I was literally leaving and lying …I was sleeping… it’s all your good association.
RNS: I have been feeling so much of separation from your association, Maharaja.
JPS: I want to stand up. I want to try to stand up.
EGD: You want to stand up?
RNS: Maharaja, after few days you will dance, after few days you will stand up and after sometime you will be dancing.
JPS: Doctor told you? … the other doctor.. that doctor…
EGD: Ya, doctor said you will be able to walk. Walking no problem he said.
BHD: Doctor told today to Gopal Krsna Maharaja that you will become a very very normal person. Don’t worry.
JPS: I have so much pain. I have to lie flat or I can walk?
EGD: He said you can walk.
JPS: ….
BHD: If we press do you feel much better?
BPS: Guru Maharaja, can you move your legs?
BHD: Can you move your legs Guru Maharaja, little bit? We want to see whether you can move your legs.
JPS: Leg is flat…. otherwise i can walk.
BHD: You will be alright, Guru Maharaja. Don’t worry, you will be very much alright. In two days you will come to temple.
JPS: I go to Juhu. When I go to Mayapur? Am I in Juhu or in Chowpatty?
BHD: We are in the Hindhuja hospital ICU.
EGD: You are going to be very soon out of the ICU the doctor said may be in one day or a two. One or two days may be you will be out of the ICU, Guru Maharaja. Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja and Radhanath Maharaja they came to take you to Mayapur very soon.
JPS: …I couldn’t hear.
BHD: He was telling, that Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja and Radhanath Maharaja after few days they will take you to Mayapur.
JPS: I want to extend…
BHD: You want to take it off? Is it alright?
JPS: How is breathing?
RNS: Your breathing is excellent. Everything is very good. We are all happy to see that you are recovering.
BHD: Maharaja you just tell all Vrndavana things, you prayed there and the devotees.. Radhanatha Maharaja is saying something, please listen.
RNS: We were in Vrndavana for almost 3 weeks. We had 4000 devotees from different parts of the world on our yatra and we dedicated the yatra to you. Every lecture we began by speaking about you and we had all the 4000 devoteees praying for your recovery and for your good health.
JPS: I don’t deserve it.
RNS: Every holy place that we went, we were also at Govardhan parikrama, we were all praying for you. All thousands and thousands of devotees we were in Vrndavan meditating on our love and gratitude to you and praying to Sri Radha and Krsna to help you to recover. All over the world the devotees are united in doing kirtan and praying for your good health. It was beautiful before each evening lecture all the 4000 devotees were together and we would began by hearing an update and the report of your health condition and then we would speak about you and then we would all take some minutes in prayer for you and kirtan for you. It is beautiful to see how much devotees love
you from their heart and hearts with such deep gratitude for your compassion and a lifetime of devotional service. Even non devotee doctors and nurses are developing faith by seeing how miraculously Krsna is healing you. Even in this condition you are preaching, uniting devotees hearts, giving people faith. There is nothing that can be done to keep you from being an empowered
preacher. You’re seriously affecting devotees hearts. It brings us joy to see this. Especially brings us joy to see how miraculuosly you are recovering.
RNS and devotees: Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare / Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
JPS: Hare Krsna. I want my walking stick.
Devotees: Walking stick. We have. We have.
JPS: I have.
EGD: I have in the temple. Tomorrow we will bring your walking stick for you.
JPS: …I am very tired.
BHD: You can take rest now. We will go and you take rest, Guru Maharaja. We will sit outside, you take rest. You want to take rest now. Right?
JPS: I want association.
Devotees: want association.
BHD: Maharaja will be here. We are all very happy to see your progress. So nicely you are improving. Guru Maharaja, do you feel hurt… Are you feeling hurt?
Devotees: ya, little bit.
JPS: …you sit down and I walk.
Devotees: you will walk. (laughter)
BHD: As soon as you come out of the bed you will walk. Right now you have to take rest and you will walk when you come out of the bed. It will take sometime. Just wait for a day. Be patient.
RNS: Previously they put him on a chair…
JPS: Have a lift in Mayapur?
BPS: We are preparing the lift. Construction going on there. The lift construction is going on in Mayapur.
JPS: Good to cough?
Devotees: Ya, good to cough.
BHD: Doctor said that if you are coughing it is good for you.
RNS: It is auspicious.
BHD: Sign of improvement.
RNS: It is auspicious.
BHD: Guru Maharaja here is Ananda Tirtha.
ATD: Arguments are going on. …arguments started yesterday.
JPS: In the Higher Court?
ATD: No, in the Lower Court only, still. December 2nd week we should be getting a judgement, hopefully in our favor. Once you will be alright, you can come back.
JPS: I think it is ….
RNS: ….will come back to see you after sometime. Please rest.
ATD: So many devotees are praying for you Guru Maharaja. Because we want you
JPS: I heard that you’re … (unclear)
Ekanath Gaura: It’s okay Guru Maharaja…We can finish this conversation

Special thanks to Ekanath Gaura prabhu and Acintya Nitai prabhu for having the MP3 recorder at the right moment and recording the talk; for Tirthatma Nitai prabhu who did audio editing and to provide the url link so everyone could hear the transcendental conversation; and for Braja Sevaki Mataji who
assisted in the transcription.

Dr Madhavananda das: 21/11/2008 morning

Maharaj is doing very well. Yesterday he was off the ventilator for 15 hours. Again today, he has been off the ventilator since morning. Optimistically, Maharaj should be able to completely come off the ventilator in 2-3 days.

Dr Ashok, the neurologist said intially they had no hope, but Maharaj’s recovery is a miracle. He was optimistic about Maharaj’s ongoing recovery as well. They plan to do an intensive rehabilitation once Maharaj is off the ventilator.

Dr Ashok said that optimisically looking at it, Maharaj will recover to the degree that he can manage himself independently.

A speech valve was placed today morning. It takes Maharaj some effort to speak. He said ‘Hare Krishna’, ‘Gauranga’ and asked to visit the ISKCON temple.

Please continue your prayers.


Maha Varaha dasa: 19/11/2008 evening

I was on afternoon shift today. Reached the hospital at 2.40pm. Dr.Shiromani and Dr.Sagar were there from the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. I was told that at 2.30pm GM’s ventilator was completely swithced off and he is breathing on his own.

At 3.30pm Braja Hari Prabhu and Narahari Prabhu came to visit GM. Narahari prabhu was inside the ICCU for 10 minutes. As he walked out of ICCU he asked me to go in quickly. As i approached GM’s bed i saw 2 nurses and Braja Hari Prabhu trying to communicate with GM. He was sweating and breathing little heavily without the support of ventilator. Braja Hari Prabhu told me that GM is trying to say something. I quickly held the alphabetical board in front of him and asked him to lift his thumb if i hit the right letter. GM nodded his head. Braja Hari Prabhu was writing it down. Within a short time we managed to get the first two words and the first letter of the third word from GM. ‘ASK DOCTOR I….’

The nurse adviced me to stop for a while and continue later as GM was getting too tired and it might interrupt his breathing process. I told GM to relax and we would be continuing the communication later. He nodded in agreement. We walked out of the ICCU.

While i was pondering over those two words, Braja Hari Prabhu showed the paper to the devotees. ‘ASK DOCTOR I…..’ Dr.Shiromani said that before the ventilator was switched off GM asked for some prasadam. After 2 minutes of discussion we figured out that GM was trying to say, “ASK DOCTOR IF i CAN EAT WHEN THE VENTILATOR IS SWITCHED OFF?”

At around 5pm a nurse told me to feed GM. After 2 hours of breathing without the support of ventilator he seemed to be tired but he was breathing steadily. I asked GM if he would like to eat? GM kept waving his left palm. I asked him, “Are you trying to say if the doctor allowed you to eat without
ventilator?” GM nodded yes. This shows he is on high level of alertness. I told him that the doctor and the nurses have allowed him to eat. We had blended kitcheri from the morning and hot uppuma.

First I started with kitcheri. He had two spoons of it and then showed a sign asking for the next item. Then upma was fed. I had informed GM that the uppuma preparation contained soft diced cauliflower and carrots and he should chew properly before swallowing them. He did exactly what i said. At one point he started to turn his head left and right. I asked him is he alright? He said, “no.” Asked him again whether he is having difficulties in swallowing the vegetables. He nodded yes. I told GM to spit out all the vegetables in the mouth. We used another spoon to take out the remaining vegetables from the deep side of the mouth. In total he had about 15-18 spoons of upma. We gave him some water to drink. After that he rested peacefully.

In the evening around quarter to seven pm, HG Nitai Prasada prabhu paid his visit to GM. GM was still breathing without the ventilator and resting, when we left the hospital at 7.30pm.

Ratnavalli dd: 19/11/2008 evening
While Ekanatha Gaura prabhu was making the bowl ready to feed the soup to Guru Maharaja, HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja wanted to feed Guru Maharaja personally. He took the bowl from Ekanath Gaura prabhu and fed few spoons of soup to Guru Maharaja. What a nice loving reciprocation!!!
Yesterday Asraya Govinda prabhu mentioned to Guru Maharaja that he is going back to Mayapur. Guru Maharaja through the sign language expressed his desire to also go to Mayapur. Asraya Govinda prabhu replied once Guru Maharaja gets better and comes out of the hospital will be taken to Mayapur. Guru Maharaja’s heart is always in Mayapur!

Through the sign language Guru Maharaja wanted to know in which hospital he was, who were the doctors treating him and who was paying for his expenses. He is not talking yet but through the alphabetical board, some hand movements and face expressions communicating with the devotees. The devotees asked Guru Maharaja not to worry of the medical expenses as it has been taken care of.

Right now the real hurdle is for Guru Maharaja to come out of the ICCU and the ventilator. His lungs are little weak. We need another miracle to happen so that with Lord Krishna’s mercy Guru Maharaja can successfully come out of the ventilator. The most merciful Lordships seem to be reciprocating lovingly with devotees’ prayers and we beg Them to continue so that Guru Maharaja can fully recover.
In conclusion, devotees please remember that Guru Maharaja’s situation is still critical and sincere prayers are the only medicine.

Maha Varaha dasa: 19/11/2008
Yesterday around 6pm HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja came to visit Guru Maharaja at Hinduja Hospital. Maharaja is coming after the one month Vraja Mandala Parikrama and 3 days Puri Parikrama. Maharaja was with Guru Maharaja for almost 1 hour 15 mins. He was explaning about the Vraja Mandala Parikrama and also the Puri Parikrama. According to Maharaja about 5000 Puri Parikrama participants offered each of their sankalpa in the name of Guru Maharaja in front of the Simha Dwara (Lion Gate) of Lord Jaganatha Temple. He went on explaining in detail about the success of the parikrama and how the devotees were missing his transcendental association. Before HH Lokanath Swami Maharaja left the ICCU ward he asked Guru Maharaja if there is any message for the devotees? Guru Maharaja pointed out the word ‘Gauranga’ & ‘Haribol’ on the alphabetical board.


Dr Madhavananda das 17/11/2008 evening

HH Jayapataka Maharaj is stable in terms of consciousness. Using an alphabet chart made by the devotees, Maharaj indicated the spelling of ‘Haribol’.
When he was asked whether he was saying Haribol to all the devotees around the world, Maharaj emphatically nodded yes.

Dr NF Shah, the endocrinologist was quite positive today as the insulin requirements are reducing which is a good sign, a sign of gradual progressive recovery with decreasing stress levels. However, Maharaj still requires ventilatory support.

Please continue to pray intensely.


Dr Madhvananda das: 16/11/2008 evening

Maharaja’s consciousness level is the same – he is recognizing devotees and trying to communicate. Trial oral feeds are still going on. He is able to chew and swallow a few teaspoons of semi solid food. He was again made to sit on a chair with support. The process of weaning from the ventilator is going on and will take a few days for him to be completely off it. Please continue your intense and enthusiastic prayers.


Dr Madhvananda das: 15/11/2008 evening

Maharaja was off the ventilator support for two hours. Now he is back on the ventilatory support because he was breathless and tired. The trials for weaning him off the ventilator will continue. Other parameters are stable. Maharaja remains critical because he is still on the ventilator. Please continue to pray intensely.


Dr Madhavananda das: 12/11/08 evening

Maharaj is making steady progress. He is still on low support from the ventilator. This process of weaning from the ventilator is gradual and going on. The doctors said that its mainly rehabilitation from now on. Please continue to pray intensely. Maharaj is still on the ventilator.


Dr Madhavananda das: 12/11/08 morning

Maharaj remains neurologically the same. He is fully conscious, oriented and responding to all commands. He is still on low ventilatory support. He continues to remain critical as he is still in need of the ventilator. Please continue your intense prayers.


Dr Madhavananda das: 11/11/08 evening

Maharaj’s weaning process is on. His ventilatory support is low. Please continue to pray intensely for Maharaj.


Maha Varaha das: 11/11/08 morning

This morning, Ekanath Prabhu and I were reading letters to GM. Letters were  from godbrothers, disciples and etc. Before starting to  read a letter, we informed him of the name of the sender. GM nodded his head in acknowledgement. Then we carried on reading. He listened to them peacefully. He seemed to recognize all the senders.

I read the following line from HG Lilasuka Prabhu’s letter:

……Your preaching is so enthusiastic and your shouting of “GAURANGA!” is so ecstatic that there is no doubt in my heart that you display the mood of a personal associate of Lord Caitanya ……

I chanted the word ‘Gauranga!’ little louder. GM immediately responded ‘Gauranga! Gauranga!’ by mildly shaking his upper part of the body. Though it is not possible to hear him speak but we understood what he meant from the movement of his tongue, lips and bodily movements.

Thank Lord Krsna, GM’s memory power still good!



Bhaktisiddhanta Swami: 11/11/2008 morning

This morning GM continued his fight forward. Revati Raman has returned, massaged GM’s limbs and GM was moved to see more of his senior devotees come to him. Again more tears as he lifted his left hand to acknowledge. More letters were read from Badri Narayana, Lila Sukta, Niranjana Swami and Aniruddha in Melbourne. GM attentively head these letters in  contemplation.

Then he shifted his attention to the CC readings. Today was Lord Caitanya’s tour of South India.

The doctors had brought in a ‘breathing team’ that specializes in weaning patients of the ventilator set up. While I was there GM was brought to the sitting position breathing completely on his own(around 80 minutes..we will find out tomorrow how long throughout the day). It was difficult for him and his breathing was loud. This position is good also to clear mucus from the system.

Apart from a come back for GM, it appears that we are the ones being given a ‘second chance’ in service to him. Please keep up your positive prayers and the Lord will certainly reciprocate. Daily more and more letters are coming in with a common unifying concern.

BTW…last night the Damodarastakam was sung to GM which brought tears to his eyes…the devotees were so moved that they forgot the rest of the lines…


Dr Madhavananda das: 10/11/08 evening

The doctors tried to wean Maharaja from the ventilator for 2 hours today. He is back on the ventilator now. The doctors said it will take its own time. Maharaja’s consciousness is the same as yesterday. Please continue to pray intensely. Maharaj remains critical as he is still on the ventilator.
Dr Madhavananda das: 10/11/08 morning

Maharaja’s consciousness is the same as yesterday. He is trying to communicate by writing but is weak to write at the moment. The weaning from the ventilator is going to start today. Please continue to pray intensely.

Bhakti Siddhanta Swami: 9/11/2008

There is no doubt the decision has been made…HE IS BACK WITH US

At 10:45 am Bhakti Caru Swami, Kavicandra Swami, Braja Hari and myself went to see him and GM was awake chanting. He looked at each of us and Bhakti Caru Swami said, placing his hand on GM’s chest..”Wow you look great, just look at your fighting spirit…you really had us worried…we need you so much to guide us in service to Srila Prabhupada” Kavicandra Maharaja said “There are 24 hour kirtans going around the world for you”.

GM was choked up with tears in his eyes and he tried to speak, Bhakti Caru Swami said “Don’t try to exert your self please relax….And we all chanted Hare Krnsa out loud to calm him. Kavicandra at the foot of the bed yelled out “Gauranga” and then GM had to shift his attention to the end of the bed.

Then BCS asked him would you like to hear from the CC?…how about the chapter Talks between Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Caitanya? GM made a slight affirmation. During the reading Kavicandra Maharaja was giving him reiki around the leg area and noticed that when the description of Mahaprabhu dancing GM’s right leg gave a small kick. He then was able to feebly lift his left hand over his chest to hold Bhakti Caru Swami’s hand. For the first time he was moving his head from right to left, up and down to take in all the persons that were here, sometimes he would look over head as we spoke.

Doctor Madhavanada, the director of the Bhaktivedanta hospital arrived and GM recognized him motioning with his left hand and pointing at the ventilator system that is a plastic pipe that goes into his throat. The doctor said “that we have to keep that in for a while to help you clear the mucus…just some more days. You are doing very very well, we are very happy at your progress”.

Last night the doctor had a dream and he was with GM at his hospital bed and he was pulling the ventilator pipes from his throat saying “I don’t need them any more”. The DM was amazed to see that he was pointing to the very pipes he pulled out in the dream. Again GM tried to talk and the doctor said you are doing fine in a few days you can write to us. A large card with the alphabet was brought over and he tried to point to a few letters but it was too strenuous…DM said don’t worry you can do this later” At the same time the local doctors had arrived and were watching, I think Doctor Ashok, the nuerologist, was there for the first time to see GM active, we were going to clear out but he motioned for us to stay saying” This is the best thing for him now”.

Again we began to chant together and you could see how GM was trying to speak the mahamantra and say Gauranga…One could easily perceive that GM appeared to be restless …wanting to do more…Kavicandra jokingly quipped “He is probably thinking of an unused plane ticket that he hasn’t used up yet” As we were leaving it was clear that GM, looking at Bhakti Caru Swami, silently formed the words ‘Thank you’.

Out in the hall DM said things are going well, he is stable and his platelets are up to 70,000 in my opinion we should not move him until he is completely off the ventilator. Two days ago I saw him and today I am amazed to see this. Kavicandra added “I could really see he has taking the reiki…I have not seen him like this since he arrived”

In conclusion…a strong indication has been made: This is such good news but we are still in the critical stage…all of the prayers and yajnas are being felt, and now we have to only increase and not let up. Kavicandra mentioned (because today is Ekadasi) that if everyone in the movement did nirjala just think how powerful that could be? Krsna is reciprocating with the desires of his devotees…this is the most important cure. Now we have a lot of work to do to try to bring GM back to 100%…please please please continue…


Damana Krishna das:

Its amazing to see the determination of devotees to pray for GM. More devotees joined in chanting mula mantras. One devotee is doing vrata of chanting more Holy names, practically whole day. Some devotees we went to Gopeswara Shiva to ask Lord Shiva as a great Vaishnava to protect GM. We did fasting whole day and did parikrama around Vrindavan temples. When the devotees offered prayers to this great devotee asking him to pray to Lord Krishna for GM. As GM has certainly great potential for helping Srila Prabhupada in his mission that remains incomplete. Interesting that suddenly at every prayer the bell started to ring as an confirmation. We offered Lord Shiva prasadam of Krishna Balarama temple. When we asked that all negative forces which pervent GM from doing his seva to Srila Prabhupada may be pacified then the bell was ringing like wild. Fasting on Amavasya, Ekadashi will be continued. Also daily pujas and kirtans.
One devotee chanting for GM had realization that GM doesn’t need the kavachas but rather accepted the love. Today many devotees fasted and offered this as prayer for GM. By Vaishnavas’ blessings we all increased our daily quota. My goal is at the moment to complete 1,000,000 mantras to offer to GM till 14th November as service to show who really we want him to stay with us. It’s the love of all devotees that gives everyone of us the power to do something special for GM. The other devotee continues 108 Narayana Kavacha daily. Another devotee doing practically whole day kirtan in front of GM picture. We hope this will help GM to be inspired to stay with us. All glories to Guru Maharaja. All glories to his wonderful servants.

Dr Madhavananda das: 9/11/2008 evening

Maharaj’s consciousness in the evening is the same as morning. He is fully
conscious and trying to talk. The other parameters are also stable.
Tomorrow the doctors will try to wean Maharaj off the ventilator. Please
continue to pray intensely for this to be a success.


Dr Madhvananada das: 9/11/2008 morning

Today mornings’ Srila Jayapataka Maharaj is evidence of the power of prayers of all the devotees all over the world. By Srila Prabhupada’s and Krishna’s mercy Maharaj is completely conscious, recognizing everyone, trying to speak and chant (of course he can’t do that because of the tracheostomy tube) and moves all his limbs.  HH Bhakti Caru Maharaj, HH Kavicandra Maharaj, HH Bhakti Siddhanta Maharaj were all reading from Caitanya Caritamrta and Maharaj could understand everything.

Maharaj wants to come out of the ventilator. His blood pressure and other parameters are stable. We are hoping that very soon he will be out of the ventilator as well but that remains unpredictable even at this moment.

Maharaj is also getting acupuncture. Yesterday the first sitting of acupuncture was done and it will continue as long as the hospital authorities allow us.

Please continue to pray very sincerely and enthusiastically.


Dr Madhvananada das: 8/11/2008

In the morning Maharaj’s condition was the same as yesterday but fortunately by 12 pm, he moved all his four limbs and the intensivist was pleasantly surprised. Dr Goel, a general surgeon from USA, visited Maharaj and gave some suggestions to the doctors to help Maharaj come off the ventilator. Dr Yogeshcandra, an acupuncturist also did his therapy on Maharaj today.

Maharaj is still on the ventilator. Though improving, he remains to be critical. Please continue to pray intensely.


Bhaktisiddahanta Swami: 8/11/2008 11am

Some progression is there with Guru Maharaja’s external consciousness. While reading CC to him, Guru Maharaja was listening with open eyes, first looking straight ahead, then to the left where the speaker was, then he kept his sight on me. The nurse asked me to move away from his left side so she could do something with the tubes, so she and I changed positions. I went to the other side and the nurse said to Maharaja, “Don’t worry, he has gone to the other side.” Although it was small movements, Guru Maharaja was looking around, searching (the swami had turned into a nurse…smile).

The main doctor on the floor acknowledged that Guru Maharaja looks a lot better than before: in fact everyone agrees that he looks effulgent…so different than the auras surrounding the other patients.

Bhakti Caru Swami was present at this time and noted how he moved both his legs on command. Earlier he had moved both hands…he today has moved all four limbs.

Also during his check up he actually was able to grasp Sita Rama Laksmana prabhu’s hand and give it a slight squeeze.

This is a beginning…


Ratnavalli dd:       7/11/2008

I had received many letters where the devotees had expressed their concern for Guru Maharaja to see that he doesn’t get any bedsores. We just want to let you know that the nurses do logroll him. Guru Maharaj is on a special air bed at the ICU designed to prevent bed sores. He doesn’t have any bed sores.


Bhakti Purushottama Swami: 7/11/2008

At present Maharaja is showing less signs of consciousness and not responding to doctors orders. The doctors say this doesn’t mean there’s less hope, but it is difficult to give a prognosis of how long he will remain this way.

At present there is no treatment going on for the the brain hemorrhage. The doctors are simply trying to keep his blood pressure, blood sugar, and platelet count stable.

Now devotees are reading Srila Prabhupada books Maharaja throughout the day and night, 24 hours.

The doctors will observe Maharaja’s condition for the next four days; after that time it will be reviewed and a decision made as to the next step.

We request every one to continue with their intense prayers .


Bhaktisiddhanta Swami: 6/11/2008

Maharaja visited Jayapataka Maharaja and he wrote the following note:

When I saw Guru Maharaja in the morning around 11am and again at 7:00pm he was sleeping, some coughing clearing of mucus etc, and I was a little sad to not see so much of a continuation from the previous day, however in leaving the hospital one doctor alleviated my lamentations about the fact that Guru Maharaja’s external condition has been pretty much unchanged for the last 15 days. He said that there have been some cases where patients have even been in this state for 3 to 6 months or even up to a year and they suddenly snap out of it with no memory of the time involved and recover 100%.

Of course we are not insinuating that it will take a long time for GM to recover from this state but my point is that we should not be disheartened at the apparent slow progress and that we has crossed a point of no return.

The doctors are optimistic of a recovery. Bhanu Swami has also indicated that astrologically after Nov 14 thithi is a period that GM should come out of his present condition.


Dr Madhvananada das: 7/11/2008 evening

Maharaj’s consciousness level is the same. The different parameters are stable.

The doctors are saying there is more or less no active management except nursing care which is being well taken care of.

From our side, we have suggested to integrate acupuncture and acupressure along with the ongoing treatment which is to be discussed with the intensivist and acupuncturist tomorrow.

Maharaj is still on the ventilator. He, though stable, continues to be critical. Please continue to pray intensely.


Bhakti Purusottama Swami: 6/11/2008

Maharaja’s rate of improvement is very slow. His blood pressure, blood sugar, platelets, etc. are stable. We have consulted other neurologists and surgeons in India, from Delhi, Bhubanesvara, Tirupati, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc. Everyone is of the same opinion: the situation is very critical.

No surgery can be performed, and there is no medicine that can be given. The brain stem hemorrhage was very serious, and if the bleeding had continued there would have been no chance of survival. Fortunately Maharaja’s bleeding has stopped, which is why there is hope of recovery. But there is no treatment for it. It has to heal on its own.

That means it is completely in the hands of Sri Krishna. Intense prayer to the Lord is the only hope. The doctors are simply trying to maintain Maharaja’s health so he remains stable, so he may recover on his own. Nothing more can be done at this point. The current problem is the blood clot in the brain stem. It cannot be dissolved by medicine, nor operated upon. It has to dissolve on it’s own.

At this point we have to simply wait, depending upon the mercy of the Lord. According to the doctors, even if everything goes OK it will be a long period of healing. The hospital has now allowed for a devotee to be with Maharaja always, reading Srila Prabhupada’s book and chanting.

According to the doctors, only when Maharaja is  free from danger and the ventilaion is removed will he be transferred to a separate room. Then more devotees can visit.

After some time I will try to give some more details of how things are to be handled here in Mumbai in regards to the health treatment of Maharaja.


Dr Madhavananda das 6/11/08

Maharaj remains stable as before. Sometimes he is unresponsive, sometimes
quite alert and looking around. Doctors feel it is expected in such a condition of pontine hemorrhage.

It does not mean that he is not improving. At the same time, as long as his
consciousness is fluctuating, he is not out of danger. He remains critical. Please continue to pray intensely for Maharaj.


Dr Madhavananda das

5/Nov/08 3pm

Maharaj is stable, even today. His consciousness is better. Dr PP Ashok,
the neurologist was happy with Maharaj’s alertness. His blood pressure, blood sugar and other parameters are stable.

Today onwards, they are gradually taking him off the ventilator. This process is gradual.

Maharaj remains stable but critical. The prayers should continue intensely. It is the most helpful thing that can be done.

P.S: Madhavananda Prabhu mentioned that the report would be sent around 3pm
everyday after the main doctors come and check Guru maharaja.


4/11/08, evening

Dr Madhavananda das, Director of Bhaktivedanta Hospital

Maharaj’s consciousness has been stable and he responds to verbal commands by opening his eyes or by facial expression. This has been up and down and sometimes he is responsive and sometimes he is unresponsive.

He has been moving his left hand, the other limbs are ot moving and is a matter of concern.

The neurologist Dr PP Ashok and the itensivist Dr Hegde are monitoring him closely. According to them things are taking their natural course and recovery is a lengthy process.

Even though a decline in consciousness is observed since the last 3 days and Maharaj remains critical, and he is in a state where things may go wrong,  yet there is no reason to believe that he will not recover. The prayers must go on and that is the only factor which will change the course of events. Overall it can be summarized that

  • Maharaj’s condition is critical but stable
  • There is no further deterioration
  • He still responds to commands but not as much as 4 days back.
  • His blood pressure and other parameters like blood sugar, potassium levels, platelets are stable.
  • Tomorrow they will again try to wean him from the ventilator.
  • The doctors from Bhaktivedanta Hospital are constantly in touch with the treating doctors.
  • Prayers must continue.

Also see report by Nrsimha Kavaca below


Ratnavali dd: 4/Nov/08,  9:00am

Guru Maharaja consciousness level is fluctuating. The whole day yesterday Guru Maharaja was only in the sleeping state, no response until 6.15pm. At 6.15pm when a devotee was reading Caitanya Caritamrta he opened his eye and upon the instruction of the nurse when the devotee asked him to lift his left hand he slowly lifted but he couldn’t move his other limbs although he was trying.

Soon after that Guru Maharaja again went to the sleeping state. As per the doctor, Guru Maharaja’s general body conditions like BP, sugar level, pulse rate etc are stable except he has some chest pain.

At 2.30 am there was another devotee who was reciting Caitanya Caritamrta to Guru Maharaja saw him opening his eye for 10min without any movement of eyelids and also no other bodily movements.

Like this there is fluctuation of consciousness level. The different doctors are going to meet today and later we will be sending it to you their report.


Ratnavali dd: 3/Nov/08, 7.30am

Yesterday around 12am (midnight) by the mercy of Sri Sri Radha Rasabihariji, Guru Maharaja opened his eyes. The nurse went and informed the servant of Guru Maharaja who is usually in the waiting room. No attendant is allowed to be inside after 11pm in the night. During the day only one attendant is allowed to be besides Guru Maharaja. The attendant is generally reading Caitanya Caritamrta to Guru Maharaja (even if conscious or not conscious) or he is chanting his japa along with Srila Prabhupada’s japa which is constantly being played. So the servant rushed inside and opened the Caitanya Caritamrta and showed Srila Prabhupada’s picture in the book to Guru Maharaja. Guru Maharaja looked at the picture for a while and he wanted to say something but he was unable.

The nurse wanted to test the level of consciousness of Guru Maharaja. She asked Guru Maharaja to raise the left hand and Guru Maharaja slowly lifted his left hand. When he was asked to lift the right hand because of the swelling he wasn’t able to. Then she asked to lift the right and left legs. Guru Maharaja was trying but he was unable to. Since for the three days he hasn’t been conscious and there were no movements so he his weak right now.

He is only 5% conscious right now. As long as Guru Maharaja is with life support and in ICCU it is very critical. The conscious level keeps fluctuating therefore we should keep praying and chanting for Guru Maharaja intensely until he comes out of the ICCU .


Ratnavalli dd:

Dr Madhavananda prabhu from the Bhaktivedanta hospital although in Vrindavan Yatra is always in touch with the Hindhuja doctors and the doctors from America. They constantly discuss regarding Guru Maharaja’s situation and the treatment to Guru Maharaja is given accordingly. Dr Madhavananda prabhu is
requesting us not to panic and just keep praying to Krishna positively.

Guru Maharaja is not an ordinary person. He is under the divine protection of Sri Gauranga Mahaprabhu. He is very dear to Srila Prabhupada and all the devotees. Let us all pray intensely for Guru Maharaja’s recovery. If Krishna wants anything is possible. It is upon His sweet will.


Gopijan ballab das:

You can listen in this link HH Jayapataka Swami speaking about Srila
Prabhupada during last year Tirobhav festival of Srila Prabhupada.

Hear HH JPS lectures


Ratnavalli dd: 2/Nov/08, 1.30pm

Dr. B S Singhal was brought to the hospital this afternoon by Braja Hari prabhu, the Temple President of ISKCON Mumbai and also a senior disciple of Jayapataka Swami Guru Maharaja. Dr. B S Singhal is the Hon Chairperson of MSSI-Mumbai. He is a renowned Neurologist at Bombay Hospital. He examined the reports and as well as Guru Maharaja’s present condition. Since Guru
Maharaja is not responding to verbal commands he says it is very critical. He said that the Hinduja doctors are giving the best treatment possible. We now have to only wait and see.


Ratnavalli dd: 2/Nov/08 11.00 am

Guru Maharaja’s condition is same as yesterday. Although couple of times he opened his eyes yesterday still he is less than semi conscious level. One famous Neurologist doctor has been brought to the hospital by Braja Hari prabhu just now. We will send you a report later in an hour or so of what he said.

Today is Srila Prabhupada’s Disappearance Day observance here. Let us pray for Srila Prabhupada’s mercy to his beloved son.


Ratnavalli dd: 1/11/08 10am

Dr. P.P Ashok visited Guru Maharaja and he wasn’t happy with Guru Maharaja’s situation. Guru Maharaja is not conscious and doesn’t respond to any commands. Brain haemorrage is very unpredictable. Any moment anything can happen. BP is also on the higher side and keeps fluctuating. The doctor says Guru Maharaja can remain like this for a longer period of time. He is still in ICCU and with ventilator.

Let us all pray intensely to Krsna. Only Krsna can do something. It is all in His hands. May Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari cast their most merciful glance upon our beloved Gurudeva so that he can come out of this horrifying situation and be with us all again.


Ratnavalli dd: 31/Oct/08, 6.30pm

I have been informed that many devotees are worried as they didn’t hear any reports today. We are sorry for that. The reason is, the Mumbai Management has asked the devotees’ and servants to shift from the Guest rooms as all their rooms have been booked in advance for 3 to 4 months. Actually the Mumbai Management is not encouraging any one to visit without advance booking.

After the tracheostomy yesterday, Guru Maharaja is not fully conscious. He is resting.

Only once this morning he opened his eyes and after that he is resting again. At 1.30pm they have turned off the ventilator system. Guru Maharaja was able to breathe by himself until 7.30pm. They didn’t want to strain Guru Maharaja and therefore they have turned on the ventilator system again.

The BP is on the higher side but the doctors say it is alright. The sugar level is normal. The platelet count is 98,000 today. Subhag Maharaja and all the senior devotees are asking us to chant and pray more for our Guru Maharaja’s recovery. Only Lord Krishna can perform miracles and without his blessings nothing can happen. As long as Guru Maharaja is in the ICCU his situation is still critical. Guru Maharaja appeared in a dream to a devotee yesterday and said, “Please keep on chanting. That gives me strength.”

Ratnavalli dd: 30/Oct/08, 8.30pm

This afternoon the doctors did Tracheostomy. Tracheostomy is a surgical opening in the trachea (windpipe) that forms a temporary opening to make breathing easier. They have inserted the ventilator tube into this hole instead of sending the tube through the mouth.

Since Guru Maharaja is unable to breathe by himself they cannot remove the ventilator. They cannot keep the tubes through the mouth for a long time and it can catch infection. Guru Maharaja also feels uncomfortable with the tubes. Therefore the panel of doctors decided to go for tracheostomy.

Compared to yesterday the consciousness level is down today. There could be different factors. They will wait and see tomorrow. Apart from this the other parameters are stable.

We do not know how many more days it might take for Guru Maharaja to breathe by himself and to be out of ventilator. It is all upto Srila Prabhupada and Lord Krishna now. Whatever happened so far is a miracle and we need more miracles for Guru Maharaja to completely come out of this situation successfully.


Ratnavalli dd: 30/Oct/08, 12.30 noon

CT scan report is positive. The report shows the same situation as the day one and nothing new. Guru Maharaja is coming back to conscious again like yesterday. When Gopal Krishna Maharaja came to visit Guru Maharaja, Guru Maharaja took Gopal Krishna Maharaja’s hand and put it on his head and had tears in his eyes.

The only biggest hurdle right now is his respiratory system. If that functions well then they could remove the ventilator.


Ratnavalli dd: 30/Oct/08 10:00am

Guru Maharaja was given sedatives yesterday in the night as he wants the tubes to be removed. The tubes can be removed only until he is able to breathe normally.

Today in the morning his conscious level is down a bit. They are taking him to the CT scan and then we could have some clear picture.

Devotees are asked to keep on praying especially at this most critical moment.


Ratnavalli dd: 29/Oct/08, 6.00pm

Guru Maharaja had to be put on sedatives yesterday evening because when he is conscious he asks the doctors to remove the tubes as it is uncomfortable for him. The doctor’s plan was to start removing the ventilator today.

Today early in the morning Guru Maharaja came to awakeness from his sleeping state. He asked again for clicker to chant mentally and chanted few mantras on it after that he became tired and slept for a while. Since his condition was stable the doctors put the ventilation off without removing the tubes to check how Guru Maharaja was responding. For 2 hours Guru Maharaja was able to breathe by himself but later felt uncomfortable therefore the ventilator was turned on again. Since then Guru Maharaja is exhausted and is taking rest.

Guru Maharaja’s sugar level is normal. His platelet count is 82,000 today.  Although his BP is fluctuating still nothing alarming.

The doctors will continue this process until he is able to breathe normally without the help of ventilator. Let us keep intensely praying and chanting. May Lord Krishna and Lord Narasimhadeva empower the doctors and nurses in this process as well as to give strength to Guru Maharaja to crossover these difficult moments.


Ratnavalli dd: 28/Oct/08, 6:30 pm

BP is stable now. Guru Maharaja is tired and weak. As today is Diwali it is a holiday and it is one of the most celebrated occasions in India and therefore the main doctors were not there to supervise the removing of ventilator. They are planning to start the process tomorrow morning. Having the tubes all over and lying down on one spot for so many days is very painful. Guru Maharaja feels the pain, it is even painful to open the eyes or to move his limbs. He feels hunger which is a good sign. According to the doctors they say Guru Maharaja is making nice progress although it seems to be slow for all of us. Everyone is waiting to see him out of the ICCU but it will take few more days.


Ratnavalli dd: 28/Oct/08, 12:30 pm

Dr Hegde came to check Guru Maharaja today and the doctor said he looks better than yesterday and there is no need to panic. Guru Maharaja’s is feeling very uncomfortable with the tubes and asking everyone to remove them. So the doctor has given the nurses and local duty doctors to remove the ventilator. They are planning how to do it. The process usually takes

between 24 to 48 hours. They are praying that everything would go smoothly.

The cardiologist also came to see Guru Maharaja and he said it is natural for the BP to fluctuate. They are giving the BP medicines under his guidance.

Guru Maharaja asked one senior disciple signaling to get him a clicker to chant. Since that devotee had his and Guru Maharaja took it from him and he is chanting mentally the maha mantra on the clicker slowly.


Ratnavalli dd: 28/10/2008 9.30am

The following report is from Dr. Madhavananda prabhu, the Bhaktivedanta Hospital. The Hinduja hospital doctor said that Guru Maharaja is stable now.

His consciousness is also good. The doctor has instructed the nurses to start the process of removing the ventilator.

May all the Deities give protection to our beloved Guru Maharaja.


Nrsimha Kavaca dasa:

Last night Kavicandra Maharaja and I visited HH Jayapataka Maharaja. As we walked into the room Kavicandra Maharaja called out to Jayapataka Maharaja, Jayapataka Maharaja turned his head towards us, briefly opening his eyes and raised his arm in response.

After we spent a short amount of time with Jayapataka Maharaja, Kavicandra Maharaja and I spoke with one of the doctors (not one of the specialists but a doctor from Bhaktivedanta Hospital).

The following are notes I took and the doctor read to confirm that they were accurate:

  • Platelet count is 74000 – this is safe level. It needs to improve more. (Platelets are what cause the blood to clot)
  • Electrolyte is in good condition
  • He is responding to verbal communication
  • He his semi-conscious
  • Recovery after 2-3 days (this means he will be taken off the ventilator)
  • Still on ventilator
  • Right side is weak – he may have suffered a right side stroke. Had a pontine haemorrhage
  • All other things are good
  • Has hepatitis C
  • Hepatitis C has caused the spleen to enlarge. This is causing low platelet count
  • Blood pressure is almost 150/90 – near normal
  • Diabetes is in control
  • Has hypertension

The doctors affirm that he is on the road to recovery.


Ratnavalli dd: 27/10/08 9.00pm

The blood pressure of Guru Maharaja is fluctuating (goes up and down between

high and normal). The platelets have gone down to 69,000. The normal platelets count under this situation should be above 100,000. Sugar is normal. Sometimes he moves his limbs and opens his eyes voluntarily.

Although no devotees have visited in the evening still his BP is high and the doctors are concerned about it. Magnesium has gone up from a previously low level to a slightly higher level. (It is a good symptom for blood coagulation) Brain activity is stable. Pulse rate is very stable. Let’s keep praying to Lord Krsna for Guru Maharaja’s health.


Ratnavalli dd: 27/Oct/08 1.30pm

The doctors are happy with the progress. In fact they are amazed how Guru Maharaja is making fast recovery in comparison to other similar cases. They say it is a miracle. Although they wanted to take off the ventilator because of the unstable BP they don’t want to do it today. Hasty decision might become dangerous at this time so the doctors are very careful. His sugar level is alright. Guru Maharaja is moving his limbs on his own and opens is eyes now and then on his own.

No devotees are absolutely allowed in the hospital to see Guru Maharaja as he gets emotional and that increases his BP. Atleast for 2 to 3 days NO DEVOTEES WILL BE ALLOWED may it be senior devotees or GBCs, TPs etc. Please stay where you are and pray and chant for Gurudeva to heal faster.


Ratnavalli dd: 27/10/2008 9.30am

Guru Maharaja’s health is progressing very nicely and the doctors are happy with his improvement. Yesterday the doctor saw him coughing and said it is a good symptom. This means the bodily system has started to function.

A visiting doctor asked Guru Maharaja to first lift the left hand which he did. Not only that, he also articulated all his fingers very well. The doctor then asked him to lift the right hand he wasn’t able to lift it well. He said some physiotheraphy would be required.

Later Dr. P.P Ashok came and asked Guru Maharaja to lift his legs. Guru Maharaja lifted both the legs and started to move them in the air 3 to 4 times. Guru Maharaja also pointed to the tube in the mouth indicating he wants to speak. Therefore the doctor said that Guru Maharaja is showing excellent responses and that Guru Maharaja understand everything 100%. Guru

Maharaja had good eye contact with the doctors the whole time. The doctor gave instruction to the nurses that they could start removing the tubes one by one.


Ratnavalli dd: 26/10/2008 6.33pm

After a vast research all over the world by the devotees we are able to finally locate the research institute who produces this medicine from USA. The professors from this institute have discussed with the Bhaktivedanta Hospital doctors. They have some questions which has to be cleared by the Hinduja hospital doctors regarding the patient (Jayapataka Swami) and the purpose why the medicine needs to be given. Once they get their answers they are ready to send the medicine here. As the medicine is in the trial phase it is not available in the market yet.

Devotees no need to look for this medicine anymore. We thank all the devotees who had spent their time investigating how to obtain this medicine.


Ratnavalli dd: 26/Oct/08 10:00 pm

Bhaktivedanta doctor saw Guru Maharaja fully opened his eyes for 5 seconds by himself.

26-Oct-08 9:30 pm

There is a gradual improvement of Guru Maharaja’s consciousness but he is, not yet out of danger. Guru Maharaja is able to recognize some people and understand some commands but he is not totally conscious. He still feels drowzy.

Dr. Hegde came at 9.15 pm and said that neurologically Guru Maharaja is improving. BP and Sugar level is under control. The platelets count is 79,000 now and it is gradually increasing which is a good sign.

As per Bhanu Maharaja the next couple of days is not auspicious as New Moon day is approaching. There is a general chance for disease to be aggravated during this time. Therefore Bhakti Purushottama Maharaja requests that devotees continue to pray intensely.


Ratnavali dd: 26/10/2008, 10.30am

Dr.Syamalal Prabhu from the Bhaktivedanta hospital asked Jayapataka Maharaja to give his right hand and he responded to it. The doctor asked Maharaja to squeeze his hand and Maharaja squeezed his hand. The doctor asked Jayapataka Maharaja to move his legs then he started shaking the legs vigourously.

Even the bed started to shake. Therefore the doctor wanted him to stop and Guru Maharaja immediately stopped. Whenever the doctor speaks to Maharaja he opens his eyes and looks at the doctor.

Jayapataka Maharaja is still in a delicate situation and the hospital has strictly ordered not to disturb him.


Ratnavalli dd: 26/10/2008, 7.00am

Revati Raman prabhu, the Temple President of Tirupati, AP, India one of the senior disciples of Guru Maharaja is rendering a very important service for the care and safety of Guru Maharaja in the hospital by the ICU. Today under the supervision of the doctors and nurses he approached Guru Maharaja to tie a pavitram of Tirupati Balaji Deity. While tieing the pavitram on Guru Maharaja’s hand Revati Raman prabhu spoke, “We love you so much. Every one around the world wants you. They are all praying for you and sending so many emails.” As Guru Maharaja heard this he opened his eyes looking at Revati Raman prabhu for 2 minutes and raised his left hand pointing to his mouth.

The doctors and nurses were amazed and said that Guru Maharaja perfectly understood what Prabhu said and indicated that he was unable to speak because of the tubes in his mouth.

This is the most wonderful information for all of us. Thanks to all the prayers of the devotees. The main doctors will be making a decision if the ventilator could be removed.


Ratnavalli dd: 26/10/2008, 3.27am

We need urgently the following medicine for Guru Maharaja. If any of you

finds it please let us know urgently. Call us at +919339716108

Medicine name = Elthrombopag

Company name in US = GSK Pharma

Company name in Europe = Revolade pharma

Requirement = inj.promacta 75 mg X 15

Please call me as soon as you find the medicine if not we need to ask other devotees to look for it.


Simhesvara dasa: 25/10/2008 6.35pm

Results of second CT scan shows no fresh bleeding.


Ratnavali dd: 25/10/2008 1.00pm

Doctor Hegde, the incharge of ICU Unit said that Guru Maharaja is in a stable condition. They have diagnosed that Guru Maharaja has a chronic liver disease and that could be the cause of the decrease in platelets count.

Previously they were not able to identify the reason for the decrease in platelet count. He also said that there is a good chance of removing the ventilator tomorrow.


Simhesvara dasa: 25-Oct-08 11:10 am

Received the following update from Dr. Madhavananda of the Bhaktivedanta Hospital who is stationed at the Hinduja Medical Centre: HH Jayapataka Maharaj consciousness is a few percent better than yesterday but not out of danger as yet. His blood pressure and sugar level are under control within desirable range. However his blood platelets are still going down. But medicines are being continued to boost his blood platelets. He is still on the ventilator but there is a likelihood that the ventilator may be taken off in about 1 or 2 days.


Ratnavali dd:

Kindly chant the following mantra 2 or 3 times during the sun rise and sun set.

anantam vasukim sesam padmanabham ca

kambalam sankhapalam dhritarestram taksakam kaliyam tatha

etani nava namani naganam ca mahatmanah sayankale

patenityam pratah kale vishesatah

Also please make a sankalpa to chant as many extra rounds possible and

offer them to Guru Maharaja.

Devotees have asked me for the meaning of the above mantra. Those are the 9 powerful names of serpant, Ananta Sesa and by constantly chanting these names at brahma muhurta and at evening time it will protect one from serpant dosha.

Since Ananta Sesa is expansion of Lord Nityananda we are also asked to pray to Nityananda prabhu.

Also kindly chant the following pranam mantra of Garuda

om astasri shabdaaya niravisaya vinayoga visham

bhaksanam bhaksanam caiva gam garudaya pakshiraajendraaya

shikshikha raaya visnu vaahaanaaya he garudaaya eshe eshe

om hraam hrim shrim om phat svaahaa


Ratnavali dd: Morning report – 24-Oct-08 10:00 am

Today Dr Bhave, the Haematologist and PP Ashok, the Neurologist came to check Guru Maharaja’s condition. They say that there is a slight improvement in his bodily movements but still not out of danger. The body condition has not detiorated and that is a good sign.

The devotees are requested to continuously pray and chant. Do not make phone calls to the Mumbai ISKCON temple or any other devotees. For any information you can visit http://www.jpsoffice.com website or http://www.mayapur.com

For any reason if you need to call please call at 0091 2226244500 to Simheswar Prabhu, senior disciple of Guru Maharaja who will respond to you. The devotees are asked to stay wherever you are and intensely pray for the recovery of Guru Maharaja.


Simheswar dasa:

Hare Krishna.

I am writing on behalf of HH Bhakti Purushotam Maharaj. Maharaj said that the Doctors at the Hinduja Hoppital in Mumbai where HH Jayapataka Maharaj is warded have instructed ISKCON to discourage devotees from visiting Maharaj.

They fear that Maharaj’s health condition may worsen due to possible infection from visitors. Bhakti Purushotam Maharaj encourages devotees to do their best, that is, to chant in their respective places and offer prayers for the quick recovery of HH Jayapataka Maharaj .

Maharaj also said that the medical team at the moment are only observing the developments on the condition of HH Jayapataka Maharaj and something more could only be said in the next 24 hours.

There are also two Doctors of the ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Hospital who are at the Hinduja Hospital and who are monitoring HH Jayapataka Maharaj health developments round the clock.


Ratnavali dd:

This evening (23rd) Dr. Anita Goel from Boston, USA had specially visited the Hinduja hospital to see Guru Maharaja’s situation. She then contacted Dr. P. P. Ashok and Madhavananda prabhu and had arranged for a conference call with a Neurologist in America. Their main concern is to increase the bloodlets of Guru Maharaja so that another haemorrage wouldn’t happen. After the conference call they have already put into enaction. One good news is the blood pressure of Guru Maharaja is reducing now as the haemorrage happens only when the blood pressure is high.

Tomorrow they have invited a best Neurologist doctor from Lilavati hospital to check Guru Maharaja. All devotees should keep intensely praying for Guru Maharaja’s recovery.

The senior devotees like Bhakti Purushottam Maharaja and Braja Hari prabhu they have asked the devotees to be patient and to not bombard the devotees here by your phone calls. You can watch the website jpsoffice. com and mayapur. com for the updates. We will also keep you updated in the JPSO Communications.

We have received information that devotees worldwide are doing various special pujas, yajnas, chanting etc for Guru Maharaja. We thank you all and please keep continuing your prayers.


Bhakti Purusottama Swami:

Jayapataka Maharja is still in very critical condition.

Please pray for Guru maharaj. Till now 23rd Oct, 7.30 pm, he is unconscious.

We depend upon the mercy of the Lord.

Thank you very much.


Bhakti Purusottama Swami:

Health situation of HH. Jayapataka swami (From Mumbai at 5.15 pm)

It was found at two places in his head there was internal bleeding. Bleeding has stopped. The place is delicate and doctors cannot do any operation. They are trying to treat by medicine. Till now Maharaja is in unconscious state. Devotees saw one time HH moving his hands and leg. Now it looks like he is sleeping peacefully. Before he was breathing heavily with lot of sound which has stopped now.

Please pray and do some Sankirtana for recovery of His Holiness’s health

Thank you very much.

Continuous Chanting in Mayapur:

Devotees in Mayapur are constantly chanting and kirtan is continuously going on in the temple. In the morning, Astottara archana or chanting of 108 names of Lord Nrismhadeva and lamp offering was performed for Guru Maharaja. Though there are some signs of improvement since morning, we request all the devotees to pray continuously so that He is back in good health to lead all of us in Preaching mission.


Aniruddha prabhu: Positive development in Jayapataka Swami’s condition

Devakinandana Prabhu has just come from the hospital and he reports that Maharaja is showing some signs of improvement. He is now resting. His position is still critical but before taking rest he opened his eyes and moved his arm towards his head. These are positive signs.

Doctors are unable to operate or do more than observe his condition but these movements are encouraging signs of improvement.

Please offer a prayer on Maharaja’s behalf.


Sivarama Swami:

I stayed at the hospital from 7-11am. After IC scan and tests the neuro surgeon gave a complete health update.

Maharaja had a stroke and brain bleeding in 2 places. One of the areas of bleeding is the root of the brain, a most sensitive area. A place where surgery cannot take place. The condition is critical, the surgeon’s opinion that Maharaja’s chance for survival slim. It’s in Krsna’s hands, absolutely. Please pray. SRS.


Ratnavali devi dasi:

Doctor P.P Ashok has reviewed the case thouroughly there is a haemorrage in the brain stem and therefore it is a critical situation. The brain stem contains all our vital centers of function like breathing, consciousness etc. Therefore a slight increase in Haemorrage can cause a life and death situation.

The doctor has said that anything can go wrong anytime without much notice. If it doesn’t, the process of recovery is very slow and any predictions at this time are not possible. He is already on a ventilator to support his vital function.

The doctors who are handling the case are some of the best in India. The treatment which is going on in Hinduja is internationally the same. Our doctor devotees in Bhaktivedanta hospital are in constant touch with the doctor’s in Hinduja.


Aniruddha prabhu:

Latest update from Radhanatha Swami who has just returned from the hospital and spoke to the doctor a few minutes ago.

Jayapataka Swami is in an extremely serious situation after suffering a major stroke. He has just received a large blood transfusion since his own was extremely thin due to medication he has been taking for high blood pressure. The bleeding in the brain stem is in a highly sensitive location with an intricate network of nerves which are connected to almost all parts of the body.

Any further damage could have serious consequences. The doctors are now focused on saving his life. The prognosis is not clear at the moment.

There are three doctors from Bhaktivedanta Hospital with Jayapataka Swami at the moment. A few minutes ago one of them asked Maharaja to squeeze his left hand which he did. This means he is conscious but his condition is still tenuous. He is in a highly risky condition where any further damage will be critical and healing will be slow.

The GBC is offering their prayers of support to His Holiness and his disciples in this difficult time.


Aniruddha prabhu:

Bir Krsna Das Goswami just returned from Hinduja Hospital one of the top hospitals in Mumbai with a report to the GBC on Jayapataka Swami’s condition.

Maharaja is in intensive care. He has been in a coma since this morning when he was taken to the hospital from the ISKCON Juhu temple. The results of a scan indicate his heart is good but he has suffered a stroke and has bleeding in two locations in the brain. The most serious is in the brain stem which is very delicate and difficult to operate on. His blood pressure is extremely high.

The specialist’s advice is that Maharaja’s condition is extremely serious. There are some positive signs in that he can move his legs and his eyes respond to stimuli indicating nervous activity. At the same time his condition is extremely critical. Radhanatha Swami, Kavicandra Swami, Sivarama Swami, Bhakti Purusottama Swami and others are in the hospital with him.

The GBC held kirtana this morning on behalf of Jayapataka Swami and asks all devotees around the world to offer prayers on his behalf.


Aniruddha prabhu:

I generally don’t like to be the bearer of bad news but in this case I feel obliged to get the word out. I am currently in Mumbai attending the GBC meetings.

It appears that some time last night HH Jayapataka Swami suffered a stroke in his sleep. When his servant tried to wake him this morning he couldn’t rise and appeared to be calling for help. He couldn’t articulate his words.

As I went to mangala-arati I came across the devotees carrying Maharaja down to an ambulance so he could be driven to the Hinduja Hospital.

I just heard from Ramai Swami that his condition is critical. He is in a coma and indications are he has suffered a hemorrhage at the back of his neck. The devotees are awaiting the advice of the specialist who is reviewing his condition as I write.

Sivarama Swami, Radhanatha Swami, Gopala Krsna Goswami and Bhakti-Vijnana Swami, Bhakti-Caru Swami and Bir Krsna Goswami are with him in the hospital and the most recent report from Sivarama Swami is not good news.

I suggest everyone start offering prayers for such a stalwart preacher and ISKCON general. Let us pray that if Krsna so desires that his great servant be allowed to stay with us to help push on the sankirtan mission for the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada.


Mahaguna devi dasi:

About 3 hours ago, my dearest Guru Maharaj went unconsicous and had to be rushed to the hospital. He is in intensive care unit in Bombay, India.

In the evening eastern time, HH Jayapataka Swami woke up at around 3:30 a. m. and was calling out to his servant but was unable to speak and then he collapsed. At that moment, he was rushed to the Hindu Jha Hospital in Bombay, India. At the present moment, he is in a coma and is unable to speak but he is breathing. However he is in an unconscous state. His blood pressure and sugar was checked but since he was unconscious he was sent to the ICU because the doctors assume that he suffered a cardiac arrest but they are unsure as the exact cause of his unconsciousness. He is currently in the ICU and the doctors are monitoring him. No one is allowed to see him,

Please please pray for HH Jayapataka Swami. I am requesting that all disciples and wellwishers do a 24 hour kirtan and pray to Lord Narasimhadev for the speedy recovery of a great soul and pure devotee of the Supreme Lord and near and dear servant of Srila Prabhupada.

your eternal servant praying and begging to the Supreme Lord to protect my dear spiritual master HH Jayapataka Swami

404-452-5244 Secretary to HH Jayapataka Swami


HH Bhakti Purusottama Swami:

We request worldwide devotees to pray to Sri Nrsimhadeva for our dear Guru Maharaja, HH Jayapataka Swami, to come out of his critical health situation. Maharaja is in Mumbai attending GBC meetings. On 23rd early morning, he was found in the bed unconscious around 3.30 a.m. Devotees rushed him to the Hinduja hospital, thinking that Maharaja may have had a heart attack. He was admitted in ICU. But later doctors diagnosed that it is brain hemorrhage. We request all the devotees to pray and chant for his quick recovery.

Source: dandavats.com, mayapur.com, iskcon.com.my

4 thoughts on “HH Jayapataka Swami – News update 25/11/2008 ISTevening

  1. We want Guru Maharaj to recover fully. He is transcendental to all these.
    We love our Jayapataka Guru Maharaj

  2. October 23, 2008 – 12:47pm — Gaurangi Gopi dd (not verified)
    The latest is that Guru Maharaj is recovering!!

    Dear Prabhus and Matajis
    HARE KRSNA, AGTSGM, AGTSP, AGTSSRI GAURNITAI; PAMHO, it’s that GM suffered a brain Hemorrhage, I got the latest news from Mumbai, that GM has just opened his and moving his hands and legs. His BP and sugar has come to normal. Please continue your prayers intensely to Lord Krsna for GM’s recovery
    Thank you.


    October 23, 2008 – 2:23pm — Chudamani dasi (not verified)
    HH Jayapataka Swami

    Thank You for keeping us updated on Maharaj/ my Guru Maharaj’s health progress, I am currently having Chemotherapy for breast cancer, my next Chemo session is on 10th November but am seriously planning to fly out to Mumbai to be near him.

    I was there in Spain ,Madrid Hospital when he was hospitalized in1989 after a very critical attack on his main vein in his neck, his concerns were at that time was,to HH Tamal Krasa Swami and HH Sivarama Swami ” I have to fully complete Srila Prabhupada’s instruction yet, I want to fulfill my duties for His Divine Grace”. He will be still meditating to fulfill his desire to do this. we pray for his recovery to fufill his instructions received for our Jagat Guru HDG Srila Prabhupada !!

    October 23, 2008 – Pustakrishna

    In the case of brain hemorrhages, the first 72 hours are the critical time. If the physicians are able to prevent the brain from swelling, then with time he may recover, hopefully. It is ultimately in Sri Krishna’s divine will. His Holiness Jayapataka Maharaj is a repository of godly qualities and humility. Indeed, I pray to Srila Prabhupad to embrace the divine person of His Holiness. If it is Sri Krishna’s will, then please allow Maharaj’s fate with us be strong again so that his expression and example of devotional service remain a beacon for his millions of well-wishers. And, if it is Sri Krishna’s desire to take Maharaj to His divine Home, may Sri Krishna protect him, comfort him, and bestow His merciful loving glance upon our Godbrother. Hare Krishna. With hope, Pusta Krishna das


    2008 October 23, 2008 – 8pm — Dr Shanti Rupa dd

    I spoke to the doctors in Mumbai just now and they said that Guru Maharaj’s limbs are moving and his eyes are responding well. That means that there is only a little bleeding in the brain stem. There will be no paralysis. The first thing that the doctor checks is if his pupils are responding, and if it is, then the chances of recovery is positive. However, he will take sometime to recover fully. He needs to undergo physio therapy once he recovers.

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