Shoppers light a lamp in Klang’s Little India to Lord Damodara


KLANG, MALAYSIA (26/11/2008) – Tengku Kelana is Klang’s Little India which is a paradise for Hindu shoppers during the Deepavali festival. Hindu locals flock to this area and there’s practically something for everyone. The essence of Bollywood fills the air here, the eateries are filled with finger food snacks to sit-down banana leaf feasts. And there are rows of shops filled with traditional Indian costumes and assorted bangles, necklaces and earrings to delight the shoppers. Indian pots and cooking essentials, household and prayer items, flowers and vegetables fill the rest of the shops. The shops are filled to its brim. Every nook and corner is taken up to display their wares. It’s is almost impossible to find a place that’s empty in a shop here.

After what seemed like impossible, the Klang devotees managed to convince a goldsmith owner, Paramaguru Pather, to provide a small area of his shop to them so Lord Damodar can be placed there. And how grand the Lord made the place look. Passerbys and shoppers obligingly came forward and offered a ghee lamp to the Lord during this auspicious festival. Tomorrow is  Deepavali and blessed are the 500 over shoppers who are getting the mercy of Lord Damodara.

“Obeisances to You, O Deva! O Damodara! O Ananta! O Visnu! O Prabhu! Be pleased with me. I am sinking deeply into the ocean of tribulations. Shower the rain of Your merciful glance upon me who am so pitifully fallen. Alas! Kindly exhibit Your favour and deliver me O Isa! I am totally ignorant. Please become visible to my eyes.”

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  1. May Lord Sri Krishna and Sri Guru and Gauranga bless you for this wonderful serva for the benefit Klang Yatra. We pray to Srila Prabhuda that more “Senapathis” like you are sent to assist in our preaching and development efforts. Thank you and Hari Bol !! Rama Gopinatha Dasa

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