Damodara report


KUALA LUMPUR (21/10/2008) – We ushered the Damodara month on the 15th October 2008 and the devotees in Kuala Lumpur are ecstatically accelerating to acquaint to Lord Damodara and spreading the significance benefits of ghee lamp offering to the mass continually. Enduring the evening massive traffics and the uncomfortable wet chilly pouring conditions to reach out to larger audience needs a lot of dedication. This wholehearted fidelity is abundantly manisfesting, especially during this month. It is inconceivable, how Lord Damodara magically inspiring all of us to go out sharing His glories, practically every other day in which His embedded mercies being subtly delivered to the resident of Kuala Lumpur (muddied confluence).

Dear Devotees…
Despite your busy daily chores, your enthusiasm in sharing your joy and passion of Krishna Consciousness to others are truly laudable.

For the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Damodara and the Parampara, we are appending the SJMKL Damodara 2008 scores for week 1.

Total programs: 540
Total participants: 5885

Some news from preaching fields:

My family with HG Sattvi mataji…visited the Kepong housing estate…they were familiar with us as we had the same program last year. Many greeted us by saying …the Hare Krsna people are here…in some homes. The calendars given last year were still in their altar. Every home welcomed us and as we moved from house to house we could hear Srila Prabhupada’s pranams from the CDs that we gave being played in some homes.

“We have developed a relationship”, said HG Sattvi mataji. I remember when we initiated this program, it was all about developing a relationship and softening the land and the mataji’s words struck a chord and a flash ran through, yes, it’s about time we have to move to the next strategy…..giving SRILA PRABHUPADA’S BOOKS….

A proper impression is crucial for a favorable reception, as Srila Prabhupada would often quote ‘DRESS AND THEN ADDRESS’ Convinced …WE ARE RIGHT ON COURSE. We visited 25 homes and 105 offering of ghee lamps.

Srimen Badmanabhan and his family visited 29 homes with 129 offerings of ghee lamp. When we asked prabhu what inspired your family to conduct this program, Prabhu simply said, “I am just fulfilling the instruction and we are enjoying seeing the joy of others receiving what we are giving them, and my children have plans for the next Damodara House Caroling too”.

HG Maha Yogi and his wife, HG Jyotsna mataji and a team of children all dressed to go for their “Damodara House Caroling”. They covered 18 homes in 2 hours, amazing feat! These children needed no introduction to Harinam as they do these programs every year. As usual managing them brings you the glimpse of the cowherd boys in Vrndavan. The enthusiasms of these children are so contagious.

Bhakta Prajindra said “Ever since the last Damodara operation meeting at Sri Jagannatha Mandir, Iskcon Kuala Lumpur, the VOICE team was looking forward anxiously to the debut of our varsity Damodara program. We hold the Damodara program just after our weekly Bhagavad Gita session at the College of Engineering, UNITEN. We briefly shared the glories of Karttika month and the method of performing ghee lamp worship to Lord Krishna. Subsequently, all the 12 participants were given a ghee lamp to offer to Lord Damodara. Each student received a foldable alter cum calendar, a pamphlet containing information on the glories of Karttika month and prasadam. All students expressed their gratitude and were very happy that such initiative was taken to approach students at varsity level. Some even took extra mini-altars for their friends and promised to induce others to offer ghee lamps to Lord Damodara”.

He added, “Feeling unsatisfied with numbers of offerings done, we headed towards the boys’ hostel. Upon reaching the parking lot, we invited an Indian boy to offer ghee lamp to Lord Damodara. He became very happy and invited us to his room where there were another 5 more boys who got the mercy of Lord Damodara. These 5 boys, in turn help us locate their friends and subsequently their friends told the location of their other friends’ room. In this way, we received very good response but couldn’t proceed further as we ran out of materials. There were a total of 23 students offered ghee lamp to Lord Damodara on that night. This would be our strategy onwards, to keep moving from room-to-room every week to give everyone a chance to offer a ghee lamp to Lord Damodara”.