Very great service to put Nityananda-Gauranga deities in every home


Following conversation with Prabhupada about anyone having Gaura Nitai in their homes

Room Conversation with Srila Prabhupada, February 2, 1977, Bhubaneshwar:

Prabhupada: So you teach them that before Gaura-Nitai, let them chant Hare Krishna and take prasadam.

Yugadharma: Yes. I would like to do this in Laguna Beach on the highway.

Prabhupada: And if you do this, it will be great service, great service. They can take Gaura-Nitai at home… So let them offer vegetarian food to Gaura-Nitai and then take it. If you can introduce home to home, it will be great service.

Yugadharma: Because they are very interested in these little figures.

Prabhupada: Yes. So if you can do that, it will be very nice.

Yugadharma: How about Radha-Krishna also?

Prabhupada: Radha-Krishna not now.

Yugadharma: Not now.

Prabhupada: No. When they have actually advanced and initiated and following strictly the Vaishnava principles, then Radha-Krishna. And Gaura-Nitai, they can worship in any condition.{.}

Prabhupada: At least if they see and chant Hare Krishna that will make them advance. Chanting of Hare Krishna maha-mantra before Gaura-Nitai will make them very quickly advanced in spiritual consciousness. Very quickly. There is no offense. He does not take any offenses. Whatever little service they do, it is accepted by Gaura-Nitai. Papi tapi yata chilo, hari-name uddharilo. So if you can do this, it will be very nice. Let them at least keep Gaura-Nitai there in their room. They’ll see. That will be benefit. And if they offer little respect and offer prasadam and chant Hare Krishna, oh then what to…? It will be very nice. Otherwise, if they simply see the Gaura-Nitai pair, they will advance.

Yugadharma: Because there is no one actually doing this as far as I know on the Western part of that country.

Prabhupada: Therefore I have encouraged him to prepare Gaura-Nitai and nicely dress. They can be sold.