Full scale installation of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai in Malaysia

A full scale installation of Sri Sri Gaura Nitai is scheduled to take place Seberang Jaya (Butterworth), Penang on Wednesday, 17th September – Thursday, 18th September 2008. Do not miss the rare opportunity in Malaysia.

Dr. B.L. Sharma, a Vastu Architect and Consultant from Jaipur, India who generously offered free services, mentioned that the land purchased was “Godsent”. He said the land has good Vastu and instructed accordingly.

Coinciding with the auspicious “Holy Names Week”, when the whole world is hearing and chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra,  Their Lordships, Sri Sri Nityananda Prabhu and Caitanya Mahaprabhu have chosen to make Their appearance in Malaysia at Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center (BCC) at Seberang Jaya, Penang.

Their Lordships, Sri Sri Gaura Nitai is scheduled to be formally installed at 11.30 am to 1.00 pm on 18th September 2008. Performance of different kinds of prayers, rituals and fire sacrifice will began since morning and will culminate in the Sampoorshanam [abhiseka] of Their Lordship and installing Them on the alter. Lunch prasadam will be distributed after.

HH Srila Jayapataka Swami Maharaja [GBC] and HH Janananda Gosvami are expected to head the installation ceremony. There will also be a program later in the evening and night with lectures, kirtanas, dancing, arati and other stage program to celebrate Their Lordships appearance.

Next day, 19th September 2008, is BCC Ratha Yatra Festival. This Ratha Yatra Festival is one of the most important events in the life of Lord Caitanya. As such, to continue celebrate His divine appearance here, a Chariot Festival is most appropriate. The chariot will start from BCC at 5.30 pm, go around the surrounding areas of Seberang Jaya, and return to BCC by 7.30 pm. There will be more lectures, kirtanas, dancing, feasting, and other stage programs thereafter.

Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center is thus, most pleased to invite all the Vaisnavas and well wishers of the Lord, to kindly make available your most esteemed presence to the two day festival, to celebrate the Holy Appearance of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu and Lord Nityananda Prabhu, during the most auspicious time of World Holy Names Week. For info on “How to get there” and “Where to stay”, just scroll down to the end of this article.

Day 1 – September 17, 2008 (Purification)

8.44am 9.15am

Ghata Sthapanam (Installing the Varuna pot)

Install Varuna-dev in a mangala ghata and place in front of the Deity. Bringing the Deities to temple room at night. Cleaned and rested for the night on paddy. After Guru Puja on Wednesday morning at 7.45 am, Deities are taken to Bathing Pandal outside at 8.15 am. HG Adharma Satru prabhu, BCC’s Chief Pujari, to perform Mangala Ghata.

9.15am- 10.15am Sipli Dosa Snanam (Purificatory bath)
In a private ceremony – in order to cleanse the Deity of any impurities, both subtle and gross, from the “silpi” (carver) or the touch of other people – a special bath is given. HG Adharma Satru prabhu to perform silpi-dosa-snanam.
11.00am Lunch
5.00pm- 5.45pm Netronmilinam (Opening of eyes)
Since in ISKCON, our Deities come already painted and carved, then we perform only the “Subha-drsti”. In a private ceremony, the priest waves ghee, kusa tips, durva tips, mustard seeds and white flowers above the heads of the Deities for Their protection, and then requests the Deities to open His eyes for the first time. To be performed by HH Srila Jayapataka Swami, HH Srila Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami.
5.45pm- 6.00pm Opening of curtains for first darsana
6.00pm- 6.30pm Parading of Gomatha and vatsa, Tulasi Devi, Virgin girls, Srimad Bhagavatham, Mrdanga to welcome deities
6.30pm- 6.45pm Gaura Sandhya Arati
6.45pm- 7.15pm Vandanam (Offering of auspicious items)
The Head Priest presents auspicious articles with mantras before Their Lordships and participants in a ceremony to invoke auspiciousness. Items offered are: Earth, Gandha, Stone, Rice Paddy, Durva Grass, Flowers, Fruit, Yoghurt, Ghee, Svastika, Sindhuram, Conch, Kajjala, Rocana, Boiled Rice, Gold, Silver, Copper, White Mustard Seeds, Mirror, Lamp.
7.15pm- 7.45pm Kautaka Bandanam (Tying of auspicious thread)
The Head Priest ties a woolen tread with neem leaves and Durva grass attached to it on the right wrist of the Deities and on the right wrists of the Yajamana and other priests. This invokes auspiciousness and keeps away malefic influences while the Deities are being installed.
7.45pm- 8.45pm Sayanadhivasa (Placing the deities in an auspicious bed)
There are nine purificatory ceremonies [Adhivasas] that may be performed for the Deities, for purifying the eight gross and subtle material elements. The Deities may be placed for some time in rice paddy, which purifies the earth element; water for purifying the water element; flowers for element of mind; and jewels for the intelligence. Jaladhivasa for purification of the limbs of the Lord. Kusradhivasa [immersion in milk] for eliminating heat and stress in major and minor limbs of the body of Lord, caused by implements used by sculptor and exposure to the sun. Dhanyadhivasa [immersion in grains] for securing strength and firmness of muscles.
Sayanadhivasa [resting in the bed] invokes the spirit of sleep into the Lord for invoking presence of the Lord as well as the ability to bestow auspiciousness on the devotees. To be performed HH Srila Jayapataka Swami, HH Srila Bhakti Vrajendranandana Swami.
8.45pm- 8.50pm Bali Dana (Offering to entities)
8.50pm- 9.00pm Chanting of the Sri Sukta prayers
Chanting of hymns to glorify and invite Mother Lakshmi, who is the transcendental consort of the Lord, for the Lord’s pleasure. Everyone should leave the Sayana-Mandapa. There will be soft, pleasant, melodious kirtana or recitation of sastras all night until next morning.
9.00pm Dinner

Day 2 – September 18, 2008 (Installation)

5.15am – 5.40am Mangala Arati, Nrsimha prayers
5.40am-5.55am Svasti Vacanam (Invoking auspiciousness)
Sankalpa (Taking Vow)
5.55am-6.10am Tulasi Puja
6.10am-6.30am Dik-pala-puja (Worshipping Lords of directions)
6.30am-7.30am Homa yajna (Fire sacrifice to Lord’s associates)
Panca mahabhagavata puja;Nava-yogendra puja; Mahabhagavata puja; Bhakti-sakti puja;Sridamadi puja; Asta-sakhi puja; Vastu-purusha puja
7.30am Breakfast
7.30am-7.45am Mandapa Sthapanam (Establishing the mandapa)
This refers to the mandapa [the area in which the snana-vedhi is placed] that will be used to bathe the Deities. It is generally built on the East or North side of the temple. To create a festive mood and conducive atmosphere, the mandapa will be decorated with banana trees, festoons, bells, colored flags, garlands etc.
7.45am-7.55am Vedhi Sodhanam (Purification of snana vedhi with panca gavya)
7.55am-8.10am Jagarana Seva (Waking the deities)
Going to the Sayana-Mandapa, where the Deities are sleeping, the Head Priest wakes Them by touching Their lotus feet and ringing of bells. The Kautaka-Bandanam on the wrist of the Deities, Yajamana and priests are removed now. Deities are worshiped with the following upacaras: Padya; Arghya, Acamaniya, Madhuparka, Punar-acamaniya, Durva / Aksata; Dipa; Gandha; Yajnopavita; Vastra; Uttariya; Puspa; Dhupa; Kajjala; Rocana-tilaka; Garlands.
8.10am – 8.25am Bringing the deities unto the snana vedhi
8.25am-9.00am Sodasopacara Puja (Worshipping with 16 items)
At this point, the Deities are taken in procession to the snana-vedhi in full festivities. After placing the Deities on the snana-vedhi, the Head Priest worships the deities with 16 upacaras like: Asana; Svagata; Padya; Arghya; Acamaniya; Madhuparka; Punar-acamaniya; Snaniya; Panca-gavya-snana.
9.00am-10.20am Pancamrta Snana (Nectarean bathing)
Deities are bathed in five kinds of nectarean items like milk, yogurt, ghee, honey and sugar water. Members of public who has sponsored for bathing ceremony should bring their pots of milk to the snana-vedhi mandapa now. The pots are given to the priests to bathe the Deities.
10.20am-11.00am (Bathing with various types of water)
Usnodaka-snana [warm water bathing]; Sarvausadhi-snana [herbal bath]; Mahausashi-snana [second herbal bath]; Mangala-snana [auspicious bath]; Bijastaka-snana [eight seed bath]; Ratnodaka-snana [jewel water bath] ; Puspodaka-snana [flower water bath]; Phalodaka-snana [fruit juice bath]; Gandhodaka-snana [scented bath]; Gandha-snana [sandalwood pulp bath]; Candanodaka-snana [sandalwood wter bath]; Sahasra-dhara-snana [thousand showers]; Kalasa-snana [waterpot bath]
1.00am-11.30am Moving deities to temple altar room
11.30am-11.40am Vastra; Yagnopavita; Abharana; Gandha; Puspa; Dhupa; Dipa; Naivedya; Tambula
11.40am-11.45am Sankalpa (Taking Vows)
11.45am-11.55am Prana Pratistha (Invoking deities)
This ceremony is performed to formally request the Deities to be present in Their arca-vigraha form to accept the daily worship of the devotees.
11.55am-12.30am Deities’ dressing
12.30pm- 12.50pm Raja Bhoga offering (Offering of main praasdam)
12.50pm-1.10pm Bhoga Arati
1.20pm Lunch
6.00pm-6.30pm Bhajans at temple
6.30pm-6.45pm Tulasi puja
6.45pm- 7.00pm Srila Prabhupada Guru puja
7.00pm- 8.00pm Gaura Sandhya Arati & Kirtana
8.00pm- 10.00pm Lectures & Pandal program
HOW TO GET THEREPlease take the PLUS Highway. After exiting the Juru Tol Gate, proceed North. Go past the Penang Island exchange, go past the Butterworth and Bukit Mertajam exchange. Proceed North. You will see a overhead bridge and Seberang Jaya MOSQUE on your left and RED coloured TELCO Tower on right. KEEP LEFT ON THE HIGHWAY.Proceed North on left lane further 150 meters and you will see the KULIM EXCHANGE on your left. Take that left exchange and go into the parallel road on your left. Keep extreme left and proceed towards the end [traffic lights] . TURN LEFT towards BUTTERWORTH.Go past the Caltex Station and go past the PETRONAS Station [50 m]. KEEP LEFT. Take the left turn immediately after the PETRONAS Station. There will be SUNWAY PARADE on your left.
Proceed till you come to a right turn. Take that right turn and go 100 meters on, you’ll be at Bhaktivedanta Cultural Center.In case of emergency, please call HG Santi prabhu: 016-4143008.
WHERE TO STAY Even though BCC is a big place, most of the residence accommodation will be taken up. As such we would not advise families to stay at BCC. Single men who wish to stay, may do so. Please bring your blanket. Mats and pillows will be provided.An apartment have been booked at SAFIRA CLUB for single ladies to stay.FAMILIES: We advise you book an apartment at SAFIRA CLUB, which is about 400 meters from BCC. Transport to and fro will be provided if needed. Call 04-3983111 for bookings.Call HG Siva Caitanya prabhu for transport: 016-3395151
SINGLES: We advise you book a room at the SUNWAY HOTEL which is just a walking distance. Transport available is really necessary. Call 04-3707788 for bookings. Call Siva Caitanya prabhu for transport: 016-3995151