Janmastami in Klang


A few weeks back Sahadev prabhu told me,” I wish we had brass Radha Krishna deities so we can do abhishek on Krishna Janmastami. The last two years we did abhishek on small deities but the paint work chipped off and it doesn’t like it is brass.”

I remember seeing Alka mataji getting her newly purchased 4 inch Radha Krishna deities blessed in Iskcon KL some years back. So I decided to see if she will lend them. I called her and she was happy to let us have them for the upcoming festival. Wanting to confirm their heights, I asked, “So they are about 4 inches, right.” She answered, “Oh mataji they are about 18 inches”. Puzzled I said, “When did they grow up?” She laughed and said, “Oh, I bought another set when I went to Delhi recently. By the way, you must have “Laddu Gopal” as well, after all it is Janmastami. I got a friend who has one and I will see if she will part with her Krishna.” The deal was done.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was thrilled and excited as I will be able to have them a few days earlier as she was leaving for an outstation trip. When I got Them I realised that they needed to be painted. I quickly rushed them to Klang and Sahadev prabhu spent the late hours painting them.

These deities are really special. They had Their own plans. Guess They wanted to be painted for the festival and wanted to look splendid. The Klang devotees had purchased the jewelleries and outfits for their deities very much earlier from Vrindavan. It had parrots motif on orange, blue and green background. Apparently, the tailor had also packed some extra outfits. And amazingly, it fitted the Radha Krishna deities perfectly! I couldn’t believe what I heard.

We rushed for Mangala arati that day, so eager to see the painted the deities and their outfits. They were completely transformed. I don’t know if Alka mataji will be able to recognize them anymore. They looked magnificent in their new outfits and assesories.

It was a wonderful darshan, very opulent and unbelieveable. Krishna is within all of us and He fulfills devotees’ sincere desires one way or another. I was totally convinced of this.

The children sang very sweetly during their performance that day. The temple was filled with voices of the children. The sloka recitals, rendition of Krishna’s nursery rhymes and story telling of the “Advent of Krishna” were befitting way of glorifying Their Lordships. The abhishek ceremony was as if Gokul had come alive. The lotus pond paved way for little “Laddu Gopals” and Krishna Balaram. Sri Sri Radha Krishna and the bigger “Laddu Gopal” sat on a higher bench. It was indeed a sight to behold. Their Lordships and Their entourage were having a whale of a time. Drenched in honey, milk, yoghurt and fruit juices, These deities were emanating Their happiness to all those present. Everyone had a perpetual smile etched in their face. What a wonderful feeling that was!

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Sri Krishna Janmastami Mahotsava Ki! Jay!