Just an instrument of the Lord


I wanted to attend Balaram Purnima festival at Iskcon KL, but  my daughter, Breenda was coughing perpetually and I didn’t want to leave her behind. So we decided to just stay at home. Just then Chitrangada mataji called and asked if she could get a lift to the temple and I broke the sad news. She was also not feeling well enough to drive. Then she said, “Tell you what, I will bring the boys at 7.15pm, just be ready,ok. We will have a kirtan blast for them”

Around 7.20pm, they arrived looking resplendent in their blue outfits. Not wanting my boys (Sri Sri Nitai Gaurasundar) to be outshined, I quickly changed their outfits to the blue ones which I had sewn for Radhastami. The Klang devotees usually made all their deities’ costumes by themselves. Every cut is made by them. Even the sequins and beads are sewn by their loving hands. That includes the making of the backdrop and Srila Prabhupada’s outfit as well. They spent 2 months for the next festival’s clothes – Jhulan Yatra. That must the reason for their deep devotion. Taking their cue, I did the same and made their jewelleries myself as well. Their Lordships had already decided that the blue outfits were for Balaram Purnima. and not for Radhastami I guess. They all looked strikingly gorgeous. It looked like we preplanned the outfits but it was surely the arrangement of their Lordships. After all we are just instruments in Their hands.

We had a wonderful kirtan for them that day. It was sweet and private.

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Balaram Purnima Ki! Jay!


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  1. Sri Sri Gaura Nitai look magnificent. I really like the butterfly motifs you’ve so loving sewn. I hope my family would get the benediction of seeing your beautiful deities and join you in your Kirtan one day. On Saturday, Sri Balaram Purnima day, we too couldn’t go to Jagannath Mandir. We had a joyous kirtan at home. My daughter’s school mate, an aunt and her grandchild who were visiting joined us too. My aunt liked the melodies very much. We had an ecstatic time.

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