A visit to Iskcon Klang


During the mid-term holidays, my family and I visited Iskcon Klang. We were greeted warmly with hugs from the temple president, HG Kalidas prabhuji and his wife, HG Vraja Bhumi mataji. Their temple is simple but very beautiful. It is new and tastefully renovated. As you enter the temple, on the left, there is a life size murti of Srila Prabhupada which was made in Ujjain, India. In the altar you will find the most gorgeous deities. On the left of the magnificent altar is Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. They are 2 sets of them (big and small). On the right is Sri Sri Ramachandra, Sitadevi, Lakshman and Hanuman. They are small and adorable. In the middle of the altar are the main deities, Sri Sri Radha Govinda. Srimati Radharani’s hand is touching Lord Krishna’s shoulder giving a most romantic and loving look. For close up, click on the pictures.

The temple is two storey high. There is a big temple hall, two kitchen areas, a rest room for Maharaj as well a toilet downstairs. Upstairs, there are four rooms, the big room is used for the children’s class, another for the gift shop, an admin room, a store room and one room specially made for visiting Maharajs. There is an attached bathroom with expensive toilet utilities. The Maharaj’s room is fully furnished with a Queen sized bed, a writing desk, a cloths rack, dressing area and is air-conditioned. The children’s classes are handled by HG Vimala Madhavi mataji, Sukkania mataji and Sita mataji.

The prasadam is not so spicy and just right for us. The devotees served rice and chapati, with dhall, sabji, pakoras for dinner and sweets for dessert. They also served us mint drink. Quite a nice treat for all of us.

My mum has been asked by HG Ram Gopinath prabhuji and his wife HG Sundari Gopi mataji, to run the children’s class for them. She is working on the syllabus now and the Sunday school will be called “Gopal’s Fun School” promising lots of fun and activities. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us. My mum let me on a secret, there will be a children’s ratha yatra coming up soon……



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  1. hi.. the deities are so beautiful. where is exactly the temple is located in klang?
    Can i get the address?
    I really want to pay a visit.

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